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How To Get Gray Zone Warfare Early Access Using Beta Key And Watching Streams?

Early birds gets the treat.


  • Gray Zone Warfare Early Access is live with loads of exciting new gears and realistic World.
  • Madfinger Games aims to market their all new game properly through streamers.
  • Players feel ignored with the developers only working with Content Creators and Streamers.

Gray Zone Warfare is an immersive tactical First Person Shooter with a maximum focus on realism.

Madfinger Games, the development company of Gray Zone, is planning to release the game in 2024.

Moreover, the game is live on Test servers with Early Access given out to limited players.

Gray Zone Warfare Early Access Dynamics And Community Involvement

Gray Zone is still in Early Access, which means that the game is still under development but with the community, testing servers, and other game mechanisms.

The Warfare game looks stunning and made its mark on realism from what we have seen in the test servers in the early development.

Moreover, During Early Access, Madfinger Games has stated that they will work with the community’s feedback to create the ultimate tactical FPS.

Village Gray Zone Warfare Early Access
Don’t confuse it; this isn’t a real place but rather a small part of Gray Zone Warfare’s vast and realistic world. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

The development team swiftly resolves any reports or bug findings from players, directly contributing to the game’s improvement.

However, developers prioritized issuing Early Access keys to a limited number of players, focusing on Content Creators and Daily Streamers to market the game effectively.

Dynamic Development Adding Madfinger Games Pursuit Of Excellence In Gray Zone Warfare Beta

Madfinger Games aims to actively add new weapons and gears, expand world buildings, and introduce fresh quests and missions before concluding Early Access.

They have outlined an extensive list of improvements and features they aim for before the game’s full release.

Furthermore, with the developers working so hard on the game, Early Access pricing is still cheaper, but it will later increase with the final release.

closed beta gray zone warfare
Closed Beta players actively contribute to daily gear improvements through their discoveries. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

The game developers actively encourage community members to share feedback on Gray Zone Warfare’s official Discord channel.

Players can, however, add the game to their Wishlist on Steam which will notify them when the game is officially released.

Madfingers Games also hasn’t stated or announced anything about when the game could go from closed to public Beta.

Key To Gray Zone Warfare Early Access Is Merely A Patience Game

If you too want to join in on the fun of Gray Zone Warfare test servers with Early Access on your hand.

All you have to do for now, is play the waiting game while you watch the stream of EFT steamers.

No Entry Gray Zone Warfare
Players cannot apply for Early Access themselves until the developers reach out to them first. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

However, sometimes, occasionally or even more so, rarely, streamers could hand out a few keys for grabs on their stream.

Players can use those keys to unlock the Gray Zone Warfare on Steam and enjoy playing with other streamers and creators until the end of Early Access.

Players can gain access the Early Access closed party by applying for the Content Creator role in Discord.

However, that process to take up is hectic if you don’t have enough YouTube or Twitch subscricption.

Becoming a content creator requires a ton of effort, along with an active community by your side.

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