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How To Play Arena Breakout Infinite Early Access Using Beta Key?

Less beta key distribution or overwhelming response?


  • Arena Breakout Infinite started Beta phase on May 8, 2024 for both content creators and players.
  • The Developers distributed over 40000 Beta keys, which can be used to get early access once you meet Beta Qualification check and install the game.
  • Players can get the beta key via Twitch Drops watching one hour of gameplay.

Arena Breakout Infinite is a real-life military shooter and simulation where survival is the key.

The Military-focused game shares multiple genres: Action, RPG, Adventure, and Strategy.

Arena: Breakout Infinite is still in the testing phase, where players can join the beta version for an immersive experience.

Beta Test For Arena Breakout Infinite

Arena Breakout Infinite has released closed beta testing phases multiple times this week.

The Beta Test started on May 8 and covered multiple contents: Recruit’s Battle Pass and The Forbidden Zone.

Players with a beta key can access the military-themed game to join a battle, loot the enemies, and upgrade their inventory.

Even though the demand for the Beta Key is exceptionally high, Morefun Studios has done a remarkable job distributing the higher beta key in a short period.

According to the Developers, they distributed almost 40,000 keys in three hours for players to get early access.

Distributing new beta keys may take a while due to the overwhelming response.

However, you can still create an Arena Breakout Infite account to get a chance to play early access.

Create Arena Breakout Infinite Account For Early Access

Players must sign up with their Arena Breakout Infinite Account to play the early access.

Once your registration is sorted, you will receive an email from the official account when another testing phase is available.

Players can join Arena Breakout Infinite Discord channel for more information about closed beta.

Arena Breakout Infinite will distribute another set of Beta Keys via Twitch at any time in the upcoming days.

Players must link their Twitch account (must be logged in) with the Arena Breakout Infinite Page once the key is available.

Moreover, players should watch at least one hour of the game’s content by enabling Twitch drops.

Players will obtain a unique Steam key, which will grant them early access once they download the game and receive a confirmation via email.

arena breakout infinite early access
Meet the Beta qualification test before getting an early access.

With such an overwhelming response to the game, the Developers will possibly increase the beta key distribution.

As the game’s official release is still uncertain, the Developers may run an open beta test covering a larger audience to meet quality checks.

However, there will be multiple closed betas, as there are still tons of improvements to be done, from shooting to exploring the battle zones.

Nontheless, the game still deserves credit where it’s due; it has great graphics, which feel highly realistic for a free-to-play game.

Arena Breakout Infinite offers a better experience when playing raids with a great setting, decent gun customization, and loot.

Hopefully, developers will sort out the issues and produce even better results before they opt for an official release.

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