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How To Play Squad Busters Early Access On Android And iOS?

Supercell's favorite look-alike characters from Boom Beach To Hay Day in a single game.


  • Squad Busters Soft-Launched on April 23, 2024 in eight countries across Europe and North America.
  • Restricted players can enjoy the early access by switching the current regions to available nations.
  • Players will also receive Pre-order bonuses on Supercell’s every game for Pre-registering Squad Busters.

Squad Busters is the combat and action-building game launching globally on May 29, 2024.

Supercell’s Squad Busters will launch on multiple platforms: iOS and Android.

The free-to-play mobile game features your favorite characters from Clash of Clans and Brawl Stars.

Squad Busters Soft Launch to Play Early Access

Squad Busters held multiple beta tests to improve the UI and character designs and enhance missing elements.

Following the successful beta testing, Squad Busters Soft Launched for iOS and Android on April 23rd.

Unfortunatley, the 10-player-multiplayer, was only released for eight nations: Singapore, Canada, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Mexico.

Supercell’s decision to plan the soft launch for only certain countries may have made some fans unhappy, but there’s a way to enjoy early access.

Squad Busters Early Access on Android

The Straightforward way to enjoy early access on Android Device is;

Enable VPN

VPN is crucial for accessing restricted content from your country, including games.

If you have a VPN installed on your phone, you can switch your current location to one of the regions to any of the Soft Launch regions.

If not, there are plenty of free or Paid VPNs, including Nord, Power, Express, Proton, or Ivanish.

Clear Cache

Once you switch the region, you should head to the phone settings on the Android Device.

Under the App settings, search for Google Play Store and clear the App’s cache.

Create a New Google Account

To get early access to Squad Busters, you should create a new Google account and Launch the Google Play Store.

You will be able to install and play Squad Busters on your Android device, and surprisingly it has already crossed 100,000 Downloads.

Squad Busters Early Access on iOS

The process for playing Early Access in iOS is pretty similar to Android; you need to install a VPN and select the available regions.

Moreover, you should also create a new Apple ID, switch the account on the App Store, and Download Squad Busters.

You can also get the soft launch by changing the region to Canada through your Profile on your App Store.

Further, players should agree to all the terms and conditions and select the Payment method to None.

After billing the name, select the Province of Quebec, the postal code G1A1A2, and the Phone number 123 1234567.

After clicking Next, you can launch the Canadian Play Store and install the game.

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Squad Busters Pre-order Bonus For Registration

If you cannot install a VPN or switch regions through the mobile setting to get the app, you can still register it for a Pre-order bonus.

Players can use the reward for Squad Busters and Supercells’ other games, including Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, and Brawl Stars.

Under any Supercell’s game, players should tap the Pink icon on the menu and Pre-register on Google Play Store or App Store.

Scrolling further, Pre-order rewards will appear on every Supercell’s game.

For instance, Clash Royale players can get rewards, including Tower Skin, King Emote, Battle Banner, and Baby King Emote.

Moreover, Clash of Clan payers can obtain exclusive rewards like Resource Potions, Squad Decorations, and Building Potions.

The more pre-orders, the better the rewards, so check out all Supercells gae and share the link with your friends and clan mates.

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