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How To Reach Data Bank 15 Level In Wuthering Waves?

Wrapping up quest is the key.


  • Reach Union Level 30 to unlock the coveted Data Bank 15, and begin your XP journey from day one.
  • Use the game’s tracking tool to carefully farm Echoes and use wave spots for fast travel, focusing your efforts where they are most important.
  • Maintain your Data Bank objectives while utilizing powerful characters in order to obtain Echo drops.

Wuthering Waves has different mechanics like other gacha games, including Data Bank, Simulation Training, and the Fabled Magnetic Cube.

As players progress through by playing quests, getting echoes and rewards, they can upgrade their character level.

If players reach Data Level 15, they can even unlock the treasure of five-star echoes, one of the rarest items in the game.

Data Bank 15 In Wuthering Waves

Data Bank 15 in Wuthering Waves is a significant level that players aim to achieve because it allows for collecting five-star echoes.

Generally, these echoes are higher rarity and more powerful versions of the game’s collectible items known as echoes. 

To reach Data Bank 15 in Wuthering Waves, focus on the following steps:

Union Level: Aim to reach Union level 30 as soon as possible, as this is the main requirement for unlocking Data Bank.

Aim to reach Union level 30
Aim to reach Union level 30. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

XP Accumulation: You can start accumulating XP for Data Bank 15 from day one, even if you can’t unlock it until you reach the required Union level.

Echo Tracking: Use the tracking feature to find and farm specific Echoes around the map by defeating the Tacet Discords, which will help you efficiently level up your Data Bank.

Wave Points: Unlock all wave points to fast travel, which allows players to reach Echo locations quickly or restart the quests.

Rider Echo: Obtain the Rider Echo, which provides a transformation that helps players move around faster. However, having multiple copies reduces cooldown times.

Rider Echo
Try useing the tracking feature to find and farm specific Echoes. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Focus: Focus on your goal of leveling up the Data Bank while avoiding getting sidetracked by other missions or activities with low rewards.

Prioritize Echoes: Focus on obtaining Echoes that are close by to minimize travel time and maximize efficiency.

Focus on obtaining Echoes that are close by. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Character Strength: Players must ensure their damage dealers are strong enough to quickly defeat enemies, which will speed up the process of collecting Echoes.

Contrarily, you can use fast travel to quickly reach the locations of the Echoes you need.

Sometimes, Echo drops can be elusive; keep at it, and you will collect the necessary Echoes to level up.

 the Rider Echo
Obtain the Rider Echo. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

How Does Data Bank 15 Work?

As you defeat enemies, you can collect echoes, which function similarly to Pokemon’s collection system.

Those enemies drop echoes you can collect, essential for gaining Data Bank Experience Points (EXP).

When you acquire a new echo or a higher rarity version of an echo you already own, you earn Data Bank EXP.

 It begins at five for green rarity and grows for higher rarities. The EXP increases with the rarity of the echoes.

You begin encountering blue, purple, and golden echoes as you reach higher Data Bank levels, specifically at levels 5, 8, and 15.

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