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How To Remove Dead Ox Body In Manor Lords And Get A New One?

Dead Ox body is currently bugged and occupies the path of villagers.


  • Ox is one of the three pack animals to move timber, plow field or collect the crops in Manor Lords.
  • Ox can die from Enemy Raids or Village Fire and blocks the path off.
  • To remove the dead body, Save and reload the game, else, build a Corpse pit and bury it.

If you are in the game’s early stages, the ox is probably one of the most important animals for your settlement.

The animals can come in handy to shift materials around your settlement and, most importantly, decrease some of the load off your villagers for work balance.

However, there is not always a proper flow of work in your area; there could be casualties, like the death of your Militia or even Ox.

Removing Dead Ox Body In Manor Lords

You will not find animals like Ox Or Horse around your settlement or anywhere near the wild.

You must spend your wealth to get the Ox in your settlement, but even they can die under certain circumstances, including fire or raids.

Once the Oxen is dead, it can block the way off for villagers and leaders, which is probably a game bug.

To overcome the issue, you can build a corpse pit, assign the family, and Remove the body.

Otherwise, players can also try saving and loading the game, which should clear the dead Ox from the way.

save and load game manor lords
Save and load the game. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Removing the Ox can undoubtedly clear the path but can halt your construction and crafting process.

Instead of carrying just the timber, Oxen also come in handy in farmhouses and logging Camps for collecting crops and plowing the field.

To keep the workflow on the settlement, you should get another Ox or other pack animals instead.

Buy Ox In Manor Lords

To bring another Ox into your Territory, you should create a Livestock Post if it is destroyed.

Just two Timbers can craft a Livestock Trading Post, where you can set Trade Rules and assign a family to manage it.

Livestock trading post manor lords
Build a Livestock Trading post using two timbers. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Players can also build the Hitching post, which costs two timbers, and upgrade it with two planks to buy the Ox.

You can add the Ox to your settlement for the same price: 20 regional wealth like the first one.

If you just bought the Ox and it dies, ordering a new one will take 30 game days.

Also, ensure you have enough stable slots to keep the Ox; otherwise, the animals will leave the settlement.

Ox will automatically move the wood around the settlements; if you want to assign other tasks, you can head to Advanced Settings and click the + button.

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