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How To Salute And Perform All Emotes In Helldivers 2?

Increase the synergy with your friends using Emotes.


  • Helldivers offers a total of six emotes with Salute being default.
  • Casual Salute emote can be trigerred using B key.
  • Emotes are changable in the Ship’s Armory Panel.

Emotes in any action shooter or Battle Royale game enhance the gaming experience for fellow users.

Using Emote, players can interact with their soldiers fun and interactively during the chaos of war.

However, initially, players should fulfill certain criteria to unlock the emotes, including Salute and Handshake.

Available Emotes In Helldivers 2

Unlike other action shooter games, Helldivers does offer limited but unique emotes.

Helldivers 2 offers six emotes in-game, including an explosive handshake, a high-five, a scout handshake, and a Rock-Paper-Scissor.

Players can unlock all the emotes using the medals in the Helldivers Mobilize Warbond Page.

The default emote buttons for the keyboard and PlayStation are B and Left on the D-Pad, respectively.

Change Emotes In The Ship

Players cannot change the emotes in the middle of the mission, but they can certainly choose one before launching the mission in the Ship or Friends Armory.

To select the emote, you must visit the Armory panel and search for the Character Tab.

On the Tab, players should search for the third option, where you can see the Casual Salute Emote which is unlocked by default.

Access Armory panel Salute Emote In Helldivers 2
Players should access emote options and view the list of available emotes in Helldivers 2. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Additionally, players can use these emotes wherever they want since they do not serve any specific purposes in the game.

How To Perform Casual Salute Emote In Helldivers 2?

Salute is one of the primary emotes in Helldivers 2 that players can use in the initial phase of their gaming journey.

Likewise, players are given the Casual Salute Emote for free during their gaming journey in Helldivers 2.

Before performing the salute emote in Helldivers 2, players should select the salute as their primary emote in the game.

Since players cannot perform every emote simultaneously, they need to select the specific emote they want to perform.

In Helldivers 2, remember that you can only execute one emote at a time.

The selection process for all of the game’s emotes, whether default or purchasable, is the same.

So to equip the smote, you should head to the armory panel and look out for the character tab, as it is the gateway to selecting the emotes.

Within the character tab, navigate to the Emote section to choose the Salute Emote as their preferred emote.

Finally, once you are equipped with the right emote, you can easily perform a salute in Helldivers 2.

For keyboard users, you can easily use this emote by pressing the default button “B.”.

Alternatively, PS5 controller users can use their left button on the D-pad to execute the salute emote in the game.

Purchasable Emotes In HellDivers 2

All the emotes in Helldivers 2, except the Casual Handshake, are Purchasable from Warbonds reward passes.

During the initial phase of the game, players can spot that the Casual Salute emote is unlocked automatically.

Players can also add several other emotes to their emote collection to interact with their team members.

To obtain other possible emotes in Helldivers 2, players should visit the Helldivers Mobilize Warbonds reward passes.

Likewise, players should pay in the form of medals to get their desired emote and add it to their collection.

Players can unlock several emotes, like a hug, high five, scout handshake, rock paper scissors, and explosive handshake.

Helldivers 2 emote
Perform any emote by investing the medal. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

However, all of these emotes come with a hefty price, and players should earn these medals by completing several missions.

Players can get their second emote, Explosive Handshake, from the Warbond Page 3 for just eight medals.

Another emote, High Five, is available on the 4th page of Warbond for around 20 Medals.

If players are looking to replicate the real-time emote, i.e., Handshake, they must head to Warbond Page 5 for 20 Medals.

Lastly, for Scout Handshake and Rock Paper Scissors, players should reach Warbond pages 7 and 8 and purchase for 35 and 50 medals, respectively.

You can easily perform the Scout Handshake Emote or any other emote by holding the left button on the D-Pad on your PS5 controller.

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