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“Iconoclasm” Mission In Destiny 2 To Confront The Witness

Join Mara in the ritual site.


  • The Iconoclasm is one of the Eight main missions of The Final Shape campaign in Destiny 2.
  • Players can start the quest on the map location of The Maelstrom inside the region of The Pale Heart.
  • The main objective of this quest is to confront the Witness in the place where it was created.

Destiny 2 has returned with its latest expansion titled Destiny 2: The Final Shape, with various features.

This new addition offers different missions, exotic weapons, a new location, and a handful of rewards.

The Final Shape campaign has eight missions in total; Iconoclasm is the seventh, marking the second-last mission of the camping.

Follow The Ritual Site To Confront The Witness In “Iconoclasm” Mission Of Destiny 2

Iconoclasm is the seventh from the recently launched expansion, The Final Shape in Destiny 2.

Zavalla will guide you throughout the mission and later join you to fight against the Witness.

Iconoclasm Destiny 2
Start the 7th mission of Final Shape. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Iconoclasm is one of the toughest missions in camping. Players need to stop, Witness, and defeat some potent enemies.

Players must complete the series of objectives to achieve victory in this mission;

Fight Your Way Into The Fortress

This is the first objective that will appear on your screen when you start the Iconoclasm mission.

The Final shape iconoclasm
Enter the Fortress to start the Iconoclasm mission. ( Source: Screen Plays Mag)

After entering the fortress area, players must breach the Fortress and find the place where the Witness was created.

You will encounter enemies within the area, so you must be careful while finding your way in Fortress.

defeat enemies destiny 2
Defeat the enemies you encounter in your way. ( Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Additionally, inside the Maelstrom, you will find the restricted area, which you must clear by killing all the enemies there.

After you clear the area, you must head toward the restricted Zone of The Sacrarium. You will encounter the Dolgith Blade of Reasoning Boss there, whom you must defeat.

Journey To The Ritual Site

After defeating various enemies and clearing the area, you must head toward the Ritual site, where Mara will join you.

Proceed through the open door and reach the Court of Thorns area. There, you will face more enemies, including a Lightbearer Acolyte.

courtroom in destiny 2
Enter the courtroom to learn about the Witness. ( Source: Screen Plays Mag)

The courtroom is the ritual site. Just below it, you will find the Lightbearer Wizard protected by two floating crystals.

While you are in the courtroom listening to the NPCs’ dialogue, you will notice that a line will go dead. This will be the notice about the Witness.

Defeat The Witness

Once you are notified about the Witness in the courtroom, you need to leave the room and follow the red path to the Witness.

red path in destiny 2
Follow the red path to find a Witness. ( Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You will see the hand-like statue after you follow the red path, which is the place where the Witness was created.

Therefore, you need to defeat the Witness there to complete the mission. You will encounter the Witness in the area once you enter.

The Witness you need to defeat will be a giant, like a big-headed monster.

Witness in Destiny 2
Defeat the Witness to complete the mission. ( Source: Screen Plays Mag)

While you focus on defeating the Witness, Zavalla, Ikora, Cayde, and Crow will help you fight off weaker foes.

After you defeat the Witness in the place where it was created, you will successfully complete the Iconoclasm mission in Destiny 2.

Furthermore, the mission is much more complicated than the previous ones, as you need to complete different objectives and sub-objectives occasionally during the mission.

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