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Increase Threshing Priority Or Switch To Low Work Area In Manor Lords To Produce More Grains

More grain equals higher level of burgage plots.


  • Threshing is a process to convert wheat to grain on the farmhouse in Manor Lords.
  • Players can prioratize Threshing instead of harvesting to increase the grain’s quantity instead of focusing on harvesting.
  • If increasing Threshing priority doesnot work, select low work area for the workers.

Being a medieval game, players need Militias, Settlements, Food, and plenty of other resources to survive and expand in Manor Lords.

Some foods include wheat, grains, pieces of bread, flour, and other crops that can be processed or sold.

To create a high-value product such as bread, you must prioritize threshing, which separates Grain from other crops.

Manor Lords Threshing To Turn Wheat To Grain

Threshing is vital in turning Wheat into Grain for products like Bread. To start the Threshing process, you must harvest Wheat using a FarmHouse and a field.

Build Farmhouse

Players will need just three timbers to craft the Farmhouse and just one to upgrade it, whereas the field requires no cost.

Manor Lords Farmhouse
Build Farmhouse to harvest the Wheat. (Souce: Screen Plays Mag)

You can assign up to eight families to the farmhouse, with a 1200-resource storage capacity.

Further, you should head to the crop menu and select the Crop Type to Emmer Grain (Wheat) to obtain Threshing.

Threshing Wheat to Grain in Manor Lords

Increasing the Threshing priority is necessary to obtain the Grain faster; if not, the assigned families will prioritize harvesting first.

manor lords wheat to grain threshing
Select Threshing Priority to be high. (Souce: Screen Plays Mag)

You can increase the threshing priority under Advanced settings on your farmhouse to obtain Grain faster.

However, every time, the threshing priority for the farmers even when the Threshing priority is high.

In that case, you can assign families to make grains by selecting the low work area instead of the farm.

By selecting just the Farm instead of Fields, the family will start producing the Grain till you are done.

Making Bread From Grain

After producing many Grains, you need first to make Flour, which is used for baking the Bread.

To make the Flour and Mill the grain, you will need a Windmill, which needs four Timbers to build.

windmill manor lords
Build a mill to produce flour from grain. (Souce: Screen Plays Mag)

The Windmill has a storage capacity of 250 Flours where upto three workers can be assigned.

Lastly, you need a Communal Oven to bake the bread which needs just two Timbers for crafting, has three worker slots and storage capacity of 50 breads.

communal over manor lords
Craft a communal oven to bake bread. (Souce: Screen Plays Mag)

After the long process of making the bread, you can distribute it to the marketplace and help to level up Burgage Plots.

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