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Is Phrolova Scar’s Sister In Wuthering Waves?

What mystery does Phrolova hold?


  • Phrolova, in Wuthering Waves, is involved in key stories, cut scenes and quests that progress the game’s plot.
  • The character’s presence in the game influences the player’s strategic choices, especially during battles and exploration.
  • Phrolova’s relationship with other characters, particularly Scar, balances the emotional connection to the story.

Phrolova was initially out of sight in Wuthering Waves, but now, she stands out as a symbol of strength and mystery.

There’s a connection between her abilities and past with the game’s story, making her a character that players want to understand and study.

Significantly, it seems that Phrolova is Scar’s sister, which is a pivotal point in the game’s narration.

Game’s Complexity Rises With Phrolova In Wuthering Waves

In Wuthering Waves, Phrolova is Scar’s sister, who shares a complex relationship.

Moreover, Phrolova and Scar are a member of Fractsidus, enemies who are scattered around the Huanglong Region.

Significantly, they drop items such as Mask of Constraint, Mask of Distortion, Mask of Erosion, and Mask of Insanity.

Scar often engages the player in confusing conversations and challenges them to explore the clues about the game’s world.

Wuthering Waves Phrolova
Phrolova is Scar’s sister. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Players know him for his unexpected appearances and for encouraging them to form their own conclusions from the events unfolding in the game.

However, everyone knows Phrolova for her presence in cut scenes throughout the game.

The relationship with Scar is not just familiar but leaves a twist to understand the deeper story of Wuthering Waves.

Quests Related To Phrolova And Scar In Wuthering Waves

There are some quests, such as Ominous Star Main quest, Chaotic Juncture: Ember and All Scar’s Questions & Answers related to Phrolova and Scar.

Ominous Star’s Main Quest

In the Ominous Star Main quest, players must solve the Scar mystery. During this quest, players need to interact with Scar.

Generally, he asks a series of questions that reveal more about his and Phrolova’s past. 

phrolova unique abilities
Phrolova stands out as a symbol of strength and mystery. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

The right answers to these questions reveal the characters’ true motivations and strategies, with a greater understanding of their connection and past.

Furthermore, the players can face Scar and attack him in the quest, bypassing the mystery section and advancing the story to the next step.

On the other hand, interacting with the storyline to solve the mystery reveals much more about the characters and their motivations in relation to the game’s lore.

Chaotic Juncture: Ember

It is one of the core activities in the game’s weekly rotation, which presents itself as a new difficulty setting for Scar.

The fight has two different stages. During the first stage, Scar appears as a Fusion-type with resistance to Fusion elements, requiring players to adapt their strategies.

past and abilities
Phrolova’s abilities and past are tightly connected with the game’s lore. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

In the second stage, Scar transforms into something resembling Baphomet, changing his element to Electro-type.

This completely flips the dynamics of the fight and tests the player’s versatility and skill.

Thus, using a support unit with strong healing abilities, such as Verina or Baizhi, is best to sustain Scar’s heavy-hitting attacks.

Apart from the valuable drop, this weekly challenge expands the lore with Scar’s character and his relation to the storyline.

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