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Is Roblox Shutting Down In 2024/2025?

No way a billion dollar company shut downs that easily.


  • Roblox is a gaming creating platfrom which features several popular games including Bloxburg, Blox Fruits and Pet Simulator X.
  • The gaming platfrom will not shutdown in 2024 or 2025, due to high revenue generation and active players.
  • Roblox shutting down rumor circulated back in 2020, when a site posted an article about the case.

One of the world’s leading gaming platforms, Roblox’s user base dwarfs nearly any other live-service game.

The site offers thousands of games, some of which have become extremely popular among users, but is always surrounded by fake rumors.

The “Roblox Shutting Down” is an internet rumor that emerges every few years.

Roblox Shutting Down Rumours In 2024/2025

Roblox is one of the fans’ favorite games, creating and playing platforms with games, including Murder Mystery 2, Rainbow Friends, and Pet Simulator.

It has a large player base that offers thousands of games, some of which have become extremely popular among users.

However, the internet rumors about Roblox’s shutdown in 2025 have left fans in panic.

Every year, rumors of Roblox’s shutdown make rounds on the internet, and it is hard for players to imagine it.

Firstly, in 2019, there were rumors that the Roblox gaming platform would shut down.

Similarly, in 2020, it was reported that it would shut down due to overpopulation of servers and a lack of earnings.

Every rumor thus far of Roblox’s ending often results in erroneous gossip.

These rumors often lead to confusion among the players, so examining the information available from reliable sources is important.

Why Are There Rumors About Roblox Shutting Down?

Roblox in 2023 is gaining more popularity and has more players than ever. Moreover, it is continuously updated, is at the top of its game, and is only getting more successful.

Hence, Roblox getting shut down is only an assumption made by people on different platforms.

Roblox shutting down statement
Roblox shutting down statement in 2021.

It all started when the website React2424 posted an article about it, and players thought the news article was true, gaining much attention.

Likewise, it was first published on this website, allowing people to post and share pretend news stories on social media.

Similarly, to gain popularity, most people started posting it on TikTok, YouTube, and other social media platforms.

However, these rumors about Roblox come up yearly, so it’s always best to rely on verified information.

Besides that, rumors may have been circulated, probably due to a high number of games launching every other day, which can impact the minors due to a few bad actors.

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