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“Jue” Enemy In Wuthering Waves “Thaws Of Eons” Update

Another dragon-like enemy ?


  • Jue is one of the six sentinels of Huanglong in the Jinzhou Province.
  • The sentinel takes the form of Loong, whose statue appears in Utterance of Marvels: I
  • Jinshi, Changli and Jue will appear on Wuthering Waves’ on June 28 in the 1.1 update.

Jue is one of the mysterious characters alongside Phrolova, Scar’s Sister, whose name has appeared in just a few cutscenes.

The Character is one of the game’s Sentinels, with a rich story about saving humanity and sharing wisdom.

Wuthering Waves has sentinels through different map locations, including Jue in Huanglong.

Jinzhou’s Sentinel “JueIn Wuthering Waves

Hualong has six sentinels in its major cities, with Jue in Jinzhou, the latest province located at the northern border.

The Jinzhou sentinel takes the form of Loong (dragon) and appears on Utterance of Marvels: I, the game’s Main quest Prologue.

Once players start the quest and progress through, they can hear Jue’s story through Yangyang in the second cut-scene after the quest unlocks.

jue wuthering waves
Jue Sentinel takes the form of a Dragon. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

There seems to be a massive statue of Jue, who shares similarities and differences with other sentinels of other regions.

Yangyang also suggests that players cannot see the Sentinel with their bare eyes; characters only have a chance to see them on special occasions.

Currently, only one character is allowed in close proximity to Jue, i.e., Jinhsi, the Magistrate of Jinzhou.

Jue To Appear As An Enemy In Patch 1.1

Wuthering Waves is releasing a new patch on June 28, with new characters, locations, and a boss.

Jinshi and Changli, Jinshis’s master and counselor, are the characters are set to debut in the update.

Unfortunatley, players should also face Jue, who is set to be an elite enemy in Version 1.1, “Thaw Of Eons.”

The enemy might appear like a Dragon, similar to the Statues in Huanglong City, with probably a fire ability and must be hard to beat in the air.

But before we get the Thaws of Eons and face the enemy, players will get four updates;

Date Update
June 6Yinlin’s Companion Story and Convene
Alloy Smelt Event
June 13Overdash Club event expansion
June 25Chord Cleanssing event

The rewards for the expansion awards include Astrites, Malleable Elite Class Echo I, Malleable Elite Class Echo II, Premium Tuner, and Premium Sealed Tube.

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