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Krafton’s InZoi Releases Roadmap And Gameplay Trailer Which Seems As Game Changing Real-Life Simulator But Won’t Initially Be A Multiplayer

Sims 4's new competitor?


  • Inzoi is developed with high graphical fidelity using Unreal Engine 5.
  • The game will first be released for PC in late 2024 and later be accessible on the consoles.
  • Inzoi is a single player mode, the team is working on the game to offer a multiplayer-mode.

Inzoi is the latest life simulation game developed by Krafton, the developer of PUBG.

You can start your journey from player to god, know the boundaries, and finally create, design, and rule over your own world.

As the game awaits, prepare for a journey in which every choice holds the power of creation and, in every moment, the ability to reshape reality.

Krafton’s InZoi Is Real Life Simulator And Potentially A Competitor To Sims 4

InZoi has a high graphical fidelity using Unreal Engine 5, which suggests it will be available on leading-edge platforms.

The graphics and environments of the game will be very hyper-real in the game with Unreal Engine 5.

In the tasks of daily life and just wandering down the South Korean streets, Inzoi promises an immersive gameplay experience where reality and imagination blur.

Inzoi will be cross-platform, players can find it on many gaming platforms.

 Inzoi promises an immersive gameplay.
Inzoi promises an immersive gameplay experience where reality and imagination blur. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

The developer of the Inzoi, Krafton, says that the game will release for PC and then be accessible on the consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Is InZoi Multiplayer Real Life Simulator?

InZoi is a single-player mode; the team working on the game ensures the effort in creating a multiplayer mode that will allow players to interact with each other within the game.

The developers state that they are looking at several multiplayer modes. As a result, players can meet their friends or other online players inside the game.

Krafton if looking forward to the community feedback and is keen on incorporating suggestions into the development of these multiplayer features.

interact with players in Inzoi
Players can interact with each other within the game. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Till now, how these interactions will work is not final, but specifics are under wraps. Moreover, the commitment to developing an effective multiplayer component is clear.

Krafton’s vision for InZoi is that players will be able to live out their own stories in the game.

character customization
Inzoi provides Character Customization. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

At the same time, those stories will intertwine with others to form a rich effect of virtual lives.

InZoi Early Access And Trailer Announcement

Recently, Krafton provided an early access to several testers and influencers.

This allows the developers to get real, relevant feedback to refine the game based on use in real-world environments.

For the time being, you may keep in touch with Krafton to get early access where you can get an early sneak peek of the game’s features and share it with your audience.

For the InZoi trailer announcement, there is an official gameplay demo trailer that will features a gameplay video.

reshape surroundings
Players can reshape their surroundings and have their own tales. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

The trailer shows the core concept of god-like powers where players can reshape their surroundings and have their own tales.

It emphasizes the depth and versatility of character creation and includes how the build mode is, and the different features of life simulation that gamers can expect.

Krafton, through the Inzoi trailer promises to provide immersive experiences, emphasizing freedom and creativity to the gamers.

Inzoi Roadmap And Driving System

The driving system in Inzoi is for “life simulation“; users can drive cars, change the color of their car, and even go on road trips with others.

Moreover, the “Time Machine” feature allows players to revert to a previous save file if their character dies.

Group activities are being developed, including walking to work with a spouse or going to karaoke with friends.

A new feature in development called “karma” will track actions even when no one is around and may affect future generations of the player’s offspring.

The developers are open to suggestions from viewers and are actively working on implementing new features.

inzoi driving system
Users can drive cars, change the color of their car, and go on road trips with others. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

In addition, regarding the custom content and mods, Inzoi will feature an in-game user content catalog dubbed the “canvas“, similar to The Sims 4’s gallery.

Another feature of the Korean game is a dream system, in which you may dream about winning the lottery and buying a ticket the next day.

Moreover, you may unintentionally give away all of your money to charity while sleepwalking, and you may seek assistance from tarot readers to analyze your dreams.

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