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Lack Of Music And No Sound Issues In Wuthering Waves

Sound Raven definitely has an upper hand on music.


  • The music on Wuthering Waves is almost non-existent besides the lobby and loading screen.
  • Adding extra soundtrack will enhance the experience for the RPG, but it seems doubtful.
  • Bseides the lack of music, the game also has sound issues which can be fixed by changing the source in audio settings.

Kuro Games has done an exceedingly great job offering Wuthering Waves for free on multiple platforms.

The Action RPG is story-rich, with exciting characters, exclusive events, and numerous quests.

However, one massive problem bothers plenty of players, i.e., the lack of music in the game.

Wuthering Waves Has Almost “No MusicBesides Lobby

Music is undeniably an integral part of video games, from the lobby to the loading screen and, most importantly, during gameplay.

Considering Wuthering Waves’ theme is all about wave and sound, Kuro games should offer even more in that regard.

Wuthering waves no sound
Wuthering Waves focuses on frequencies and wave themes.

The music in the game lobby is undoubtedly quite smothering, but the music during gameplay is almost non-existent for a game based on frequencies and reverberations.

If you compare to the likes of Genshin Impact or even Kuro’s Punishing: Sound Raven, the games offer a mix of soundtracks in every area.

Wuthering Waves does offer music at certain phases, for instance, Crownless Boss Fight or during world exploration.

At a few phases in Wuthering Waves, the music does click. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Maybe Kuro games rather focused on gameplay mechanics and characters instead of adding a tiny bit of music in the vast open world.

Moreover, it also requires different kinds of lengthier soundtracks; otherwise, the game gets boring when you hear the game set of music by slashing enemies or getting rewards.

The developers could definitely improve the music Part by adding a few themes in the next patch, but that seems highly unlikely.

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No Sound And Audio Issues In Wuthering Waves

Before adding new themes or features in Wuthering Waves, the Devs should look forward to resolving sound and audio, high ping, and download issues.

Here are a few troubleshoots if you are facing an audio issue on Wuthering Waves;

Audio Settings

  • Press the Windows Button + G and Tap Audio.
  • Select the Source (headphone or speaker) under the Mix Section.
  • Press Audio and Check the Source.

Select Audio Device

  • Tap the Sound Icon (Windows Button + Ctrl + V) on the bottom right screen.
  • Select the Sound Output.
  • Select the Preferable source.

You can also change your audio settings to Windows Sonic For Headphones and check if the game sound is set to max.

Control Panel

  • Launch the Control Panel and Tap Hardware and sound.
  • Select the correct source in the Playback settings.

Players can also change the Hz under the properties settings output if they prefer to play through speakers.

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