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“Lamang Connection” In Gray Zone Warfare To Get Organization Intel

Find the "Key" to success.


  • “Lamang Connection” task in Gray Zone Warfare is provided by Banshee, where players must get the Organization Notes.
  • To access the Intel, players must have an key of Ban Pa’s Fishing Hut.
  • Banshee will not provide any cash rewards but hands the M700 Weapon.

Many Gray Zone Warfare players prefer playing quests of Vendors, including Lab Rat, Handshake, or even Artisan.

With an outgrowing reputation with other vendors, players shall not forget Banshee, who operates on the principle of potential collaboration and satisfying every business partner.

If you want to get paid equally for your contribution, you can always approach Banshee for quests, including Lamang Connection and EOD quests.

Lamang Connection” In Gray Zone Warfare For Intel

Banshee Vendor suggests he always struggles in one particular area: Ban Pa, the fishing Village; hence, he wants your help considering the past success.

The vendor also suspects the Village is a part of the Smuggling route, that has a domestic distribution chain, and even supplies merchandise to the Tourists.

To help Bansee continue the investigation, players must Scout Ban Pa for Intelligence and retrieve the information.

Get The Key

Players will need Ban Pa Fishing Hut Key in Lamang Connection to search for the Smuggler’s Intelligence.

ban pa fishing hut key
Loot the Hut Key from Ban Pa enemy.

The key usually drops after you beat enemies around Ban Pa Village, so ensure to defeat and loot every enemy in your way.

If you have played missions involving Ban Pa, such as It’s In The Water and Warm Welcome, you may have the key in the inventory.

Search For Intel

For the “Lamang Connection” quest’s main objective, players must land at India 1 Landing Zone and head in the west direction.

After reaching Ban Pa village, follow the water coast to the map coordinates (206 137).

Players will encounter a cottage with a red-eye panting beside the Auto Rickshaw and the Elder’s House (house with decorations).

ban pa fishing hut
Enter the house with eye painting. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Right after players enter the cottage, they can obtain the Organisation Notes from the Table.

organization note lamang connection
Pick up the Organization notes. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Handling the Smuggling group’s notes to Banshee after you return to the base will provide you with the following rewards;

  • M700
  • 1000 Experience Points
  • 150 Banshee Reputation

The M700 is one of the best bolt-action Sniper Rifles in Gray Zone Warfare, which can also be obtained in other missions, including Out of the Blue.

If players want to play long-range or identify their role as sharpshooters, they can even upgrade the weapon for higher usability.

SRD-760-QD Taper Lok Muzzle and 762-SD suppressor work best on the M700 rifle in Level 2.

When you earn Reputation points by completing the specific vendor’s quests, your Vendor level increases gradually.

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