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Last Epoch Purple Items Are Exalted Final Tier Affixes


  • Purple items are Exalted items which has one or more affixes.
  • The purple item belongs to sixth-tier rarity just below the legendary one.
  • Exalted items Combinable with 1 to 4 unique item which can be used to defeat End Boss like Julra.

In Last Epoch, we call purple items Exalted Items, which have at least one affix of Tier 6 or 7.

Patch 0.7.9 introduced these Exalted items, which brought more damage dealing machism with it.

Moreover, these exalted items will be displayed in purple on the ground and in your inventory, making them relatively easy to find.

Purple Items In Last Epoch Are Obtainable In End-game

The Last Epoch purple items or exalted items can only be acquired in the end game of the game’s progression.

They possess 6 affixes and remain unalterable through crafting methods within the game.

Exalted Items In Last Epoch
Exalted Items are purple in color making it easier to be distinguished amongst the crowd. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

However, these exalted items are essential for fine-tuning your build by carefully adjusting its statistics for maximum efficiency.

For example, A Minion Necromancer requires boosted Minion Damage, typically found on yellow/Rare items offering 70%-100% increased Minion damage.

However, with exalted Tier 6 or higher, items can roll with a significantly higher 250%-300% damage increase.

With the introduction of these Exalted items Chance to Bleed now has the following stats:

  • T5: 32%-42% (was 32%-45%)
  • T6: 43%-49%
  • T7: 50%-60%

Tiers above T5 create a gap between endgame rares and perfect rare/exalted items, encouraging continuous item search.

These exalted items feel more specialized, often focusing on one powerful stat, unlike other common and rare items.

The Tier 6 and 7 affixes are non-craftable; however, they work exactly the same as the Affix of Yellow and Blue items.

Purple Items In Last Epoch: How To Get Exalted Items?

Exalted Items will drop as you progress in the game, making it easier for you to kill enemies with heavily increased stats.

Purple drop items can serve as a foundational base when combined with Unique items to craft powerful Legendary items.

However, to enhance Exalted items within the game, you must possess sufficient Forging Potential alongside the Rune of Ascendancy.

The Exalted item has a minimum 1 drop-only tier of an Affix, which is used to craft the legendary (red) items.

You can even insert the Purple items in the slot if the item has legendary potential.

How To Forge In Last Epoch?

Exalted items boast a single, powerful stat line that can be enhanced further with additional stat lines.

Access the forge by pressing “F”, place the desired exalted item, and choose the Rune of Ascendance to modify it.

Forging in Last Epoch
In Last Epoch, you can access the forge, which resembles the menu depicted above and allows you to craft items. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Activating the stone within the forge exalts the item to an even greater extent, significantly amplifying its potency.

What Are Glyphs Of Despair?

Glyphs of Despair are invaluable modifiers, enabling you to seal off unwanted affixes on exalted items with precision.

Players should reserve Glyphs of Despair for the game’s final stages when they possess powerful items worthy of modification.

Moreover, stay vigilant for tier 7 exalted drops as they are essential for crafting legendary items crucial in defeating dungeon bosses.

Tips for Crafting In End-Game: Last Epoch

Some tips for crafting in the end-game in Last Epoch are:

  • Obtain every Rune of Shattering available from vendors; enable conversion of items into affix shards
  • Use a loot filter to highlight items that feature affixes needed for your builds
  • Utilize Glyphs of Chaos to transform high-tier affixes into more desirable ones
  • Exalted Items need to possess full affixes to qualify for Legendary Crafting
  • If you discover a good magic item, utilize a Rune of Discovery to upgrade it into a rare item.

However, not all the tips may be applicable to every build but it is applicable to most of the builds in the Last Epoch.

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