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Last Epoch Starter Builds Includes Paladin And Falconer Classes With Specialized Weapons

Choose best builds if you are just a beginner.


  • Starter builds are typically easy to play and helps to progress faster.
  • Fire Summoner Necromancer,Button Shadow Dagger Falconer,and Two Handed Axe Fire Judgment Paladin are best Starter builds.
  • Other best startber builds include Godlike Earthquake Beastmaster and Infernal Flamewhip Warlock.

The best Starter builds in Last Epoch can guide players to progress fast and tackle numerous enemies.

However, figuring out what build to play and your starter build will solely be based on you and your gameplay style.

There are tons of builds, from intermediate to professional, but how can you figure out which is easy to play?

Starter Builds In Last Epoch: Progressing In Early Stage

In Last Epoch, multiple classes are available, each with various specialties.

Additionally, numerous skills can be chosen, each with its passive tree, which can entirely change how it works.

Last Epoch Starter Build
Last Epoch is a role-playing game with different builds and items for different classes. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Consequently, This wealth of options provides players with extensive opportunities to experiment and discover new strategies over time.

Using a quirky build makes reaching the empowered state fairly easy, but it can be a bit of a grind to get there.

Best Last Epoch Starter Build: With Pros And Cons

Follow the guide below to know what Starting build should you go for early in the game:

Fire Summoner Necromancer 

Fire Summoner Necromancer is one of the top minion builds that doesn’t require any unique and will take you to end-game with zero investment.

You need to combine Golem, Wraith, and Skeleton Mages to dispatch your enemies with the power of fire quickly.

The main damage of Fire Summoner comes from raids that shoot fireballs.

Fire Summoner Necromancer
Your spawned minions will shoot fireballs towards the enemies. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)
Safe PlaystlyeNot tanky
No Unique to startSummon flame wraith idol
Ranged Minions

The pros and cons of Fire Summoner Necromancer are as follows:

Button Shadow Dagger Falconer 

Button Shadow Dagger Falconer or The Fast Monolith Farmer build offers easy gameplay, making it perfect for new players and incredibly enjoyable to experience.

This build represents the evolution of Umbral Blades, marking the next step in its development.

Falconer surpasses Blademaster, as it eliminates the need to trigger Umbral Blades manually; instead, our Falcon executes it automatically with Twilight Strike.

Pros And Cons

Your Mobility skill will become your main DPS skillRequires Unique Shield To Hit 100% Glancing Blow Chance
Very simple playstyle with low APM
Very tanky with evasion & armor + 100% Glancing Blow Chance

Two Handed Axe Fire Judgment Paladin

Two-Handed Axe Fire Judgement Paladin is a beginner-friendly build that is easy to play and it doesn’t need any unique item to work.

This build provides strong defenses with over 75% armor, 250+ health regen per second, 60%+ endurance, and a 500+ threshold, ensuring resilience.

This build excels in damage by igniting enemies with each hit, stacking the effect for increased damage, and boosting damage per mana.

Furthermore, as it deals damage, it simultaneously heals and leeches, ensuring sustained survivability in combat.

This build is tanky so it will be great for survivingThis build is for the melee class only.
Doesn’t require any unique items
Really easy to play

Endless Ward Storm Master Shaman

This beginner-friendly build allows you to effortlessly stand your ground, soaking up damage while dealing substantial lighting damage.

To make this build effective, you will need two things:

  1. Boardman’s Legacy is set for primal.
  2. Two Ornate Heorot Idol with cast speed for totems.

The extra defenses in this building help offset vulnerability before summoning Storm Totem.

Once the totem is placed, you will quickly notice your ward surpassing 60k.

With few exceptions like ward bypassing degens, you’re nearly immune to damage after the first few seconds of an echo, so heavy defense investment isn’t really necessary.

Very easy leveling process3 piece set requires farming
Works great while playing solo or in teamsYou’re slightly more vulnerable at the start of echoes with fewer defenses.
Easy to build with a lot of flexibility and potential
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