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Level Up Resonance Liberation In Wuthering Waves To Increase Your Combat Skills

Separate resonance liberation for each characters.


  • Resonance Liberation in Wuthering Waves is a powerful mechanic that enhances your character’s battle abilities.
  • Players can use this ability against special enemies, including Impermanence Heron boss Lampylumen Myriad and Inferno Rider.
  • To get the Resonance Liberation, you must first charge the resonance skill.

Wuthering Waves takes the player on an open-world journey with exciting features and resources.

The Resonance Liberation is one of the resources that is useful for the gameplay of Wuthering Waves.

Similarly, Levitators, electricity, and Grapple are a few utilities players can use in the action RPG game.

Activate Resonance Liberation During An Intense Battle In Wuthering Waves

Resonance Liberation is similar to a special move that becomes available during combat in this action RPG.

Every character in Wuthering Waves has its own unique Resonance Liberation, which differs from their area of attacks and HP recovery.

resonance liberation wuthering waves
Press on the Icon R to use resonance liberation. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

As players engage in combat and attack the enemy, their Resonance skill meter gradually fills.

Once it reaches a certain point, it enables using the powerful Resonance Liberation ability. Players can follow the mentioned steps to activate the Resonance Liberation,

  • Engage in combat and land attacks on enemies. Each successful hit fills up the Resonance Gauge of your character.
resonance liberation
Use Resonance Liberation during the intense battle. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)
  • Look at the Resonance Gauge near your character’s health bar. It fills up as you fight, indicated by a change in color or a visual effect.
  • The meter should be fully charged before you can activate Resonance Liberation. Once the gauge is full, you can activate it by tapping its touchscreen icon.

Therefore, players can utilize Resonance Liberation during battles with formidable opponents and enhance their level for better outcomes.

How To Level Up Resonance Liberation?

Leveling up Resonance Liberation can benefit you, enhancing your character effectiveness during the battle.

It also helps you to gain additional status bonuses, which can significantly boost your character’s performance.

Therefore, below are the steps for you to level up your character Resonance Liberation,

  • Use Resonance Potions obtained from Simulation training to increase the level of your Resonators, which will later help you to improve your character Resonance Liberation.
resonance potions
Level up Resonance liberation using resonance potion. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)
  • Perform Ascension to increase the level cap of your Resonators. This will help you reach higher levels and strengthen your character, Resonance Liberation.
  • Unlock and upgrade the Forte Chain, which includes Resonance Liberation, to enhance its power and effectiveness.
Ascend you character
Ascend your character to level up. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)
  • Use the skill reinforcement screen to upgrade Resonance Liberation using unique resources and coins.

Overall, a strong Resonance Liberation enhances your chances of victory in combat, allows you to access higher levels, and provides unique bonuses.

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