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Levitator In Wuthering Waves To Burn Off Throns

Read the objective before using the utilities.


  • Levitator is one of the utilites used in Echoing Marche quest to destroy throns.
  • After clearing the path, players can Repair Detection Beacon by connecting the signals.
  • The rewards for Echoing Marche quests includes, Astrite Pistols, Resonance Potion and Energy Core.

Wuthering Waves offers various utilities to help you progress through or complete quests, including Levitator, Sensor, and Grapple.

Levitator helps players control any highlighted item and use the specific targets for various uses.

Players can also make several changes by operating any object using Levitator, which is quite handy in quests.

Use Levitator To Burn Off The Thorns With Explosive Charge In Wuthering Waves

As you progress through, you come across one of the objectives, which is to use a Levitator to burn thorns with Explosive Charges in Echoing Marche quest.

You should initially reach the Detection Beacon across the Thorn by following the “+” icon.

Start Echoing Marche quest to reach the objective. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Players should examine the item and grab it using the Tab button or the utility tool on the PC.

Further, players should use the Leviator utility to pick up the item and throw the Beacon blocking the path by pressing G.

Use the Leviator to destroy the Thorn. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Moreover, players should avoid hitting the explosive charge as it may damage them. After players clear the path, they can start a new objective: “Repair the Detection Beacon.”

Repair Detection Beacon

Players should interact with the Detection Beacon to initiate the objective and optimize the Signal Console.

Players can complete the decryption by attaching six signals to the same colors.

Connect the signals to the same color. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Combing the colors will unlock the next goal in Echoing Marche, where players must reach the Rearguards Base and help the wounded soldiers.

Completing the final objective, i.e., Defeating the Tacet Discord using Jiyan’s Resonance Liberation, will grant the following rewards;

  • Union Experience Points x2100
  • Astrite x100
  • Guardian Pistols x1
  • Medium Resonance Potion x14
  • Medium Energy Core x10
  • Shell Credit x60000

The rewards are vital to unlock new utilities, progress levels, complete quests, and buy items.

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