Major Audio Changes Made In Escape From Tarkov 14.5.5 Latest Patch

New patch brings new audio.

Escape from Tarkov 14.5.5
New update has fixed some major bugs and has improved the gameplay by significant amount.

Battlestate Games released a new patch for Escape From Tarkov earlier this week on April 14th.

The 14.5.5 patch changed and fixed a bunch of issues including the fixation of overlapping sound on lamps.

However, the new patch surely did bring the server down along with it for approximately 5 hours.

Patch 14.5.5 Launched On April 14th: 5-Hour Installation, Server Outage Disrupted Gameplay

The new patch 14.5.5 was launched on April 14th, with the installation process taking 5 hours.

The Escape From Tarkov server outage during the downtime prevented players from accessing or launching the game.

Escape from Tarkov stands out in the tactical first-person shooter category. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Fans expected the new patch to solve a few bugs tied to the then recently added BTR to Woods.

Moreover, their expectation turned into reality with Battlestate Games fixing the noise in the ambient sounds on Woods.

Escape from Tarkov Patch 14.5.5: Enhancements And Fixes

Battlestate Games, the developer of Escape from Tarkov did put in a lot of work this month with back-to-back two patches released.

Below is the list of important changes made by Escape from Tarkov in the recent patch 14.5.5:

  • The algorithm of AI spawns at the start of online raids has been optimized making it easier for players to plan their tactics strategically.
  • Weapon-switching sounds have been reworked depending on the weapon’s type and length which helps players to identify the weapon more easily.
  • Battlestate Games did us kindly and added an achievement for those who completed the quest chain in the Spring Event.
  • New PMC outfits have also been made available for purchase on the game’s website and as rewards for completing the new quests.
Patch notes
The patch notes are available on Escape from Tarkov’s official website for detailed information. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

There were a few changes in the new patch, some desperate need for attention fixes:

  • The overlapping sounds when breaking the fluorescent lamps along with the noise in ambient sounds on Woods have been fixed.
  • The volume of container searching, equipment, weapon switching as well as crouched movement has been adjusted.

Community Response To Patch 14.5.5: New Additions And Anticipated Features

Players are enjoying the new patch to the fullest, and appreciation of the sound changes has positively impacted the gameplay.

Moreover, players have stated that raids they do have turned out to be fun no matter if they die whilst on it.

The community demands the Kappa Achievement in the next patch.

The packet Loss issue has also been fixed which has now allowed players to detect bosses.

Battlestate Games has also announced that a lot of features and changes are coming very soon following the 14.5.5 patch.

However, with all positivity, fans have also asked for Kappa Achievement and Completing Collector.

New Apparels

Escape from Tarkov has added four new apparel to the game in the recent patch.

Bear Classic, Bear Cyclone, USEC G2, and USEC Vanguard, top and bottom have been added.

Moreover, personal opinion, Bear Cyclone looks the best amongst all.

Drip Out, A New Task

Drip Out has been added in Escape from Tarkov in the recent patch along with Drip Out – Part 2.

To complete this task players will need to:

  • Players must eliminate 100 raiders on any location
  • Players should hand over the found in-raid Wartech brand equipment (50 items)


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