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Marvel Rivals’ Competitor “Deadlock” Currently On Playtest

A bIg difference in characters.


  • Valve’s new MOBA game “Deadlock” is on closed Alpha being tested by hundreds of players.
  • Deadlock should be a competitor of NetEase Games’ “Marvel Rivals”, which is also in early access but characters and trailer are out officially.
  • Both MOBA games will possibly release before second quarter of 2025.

Valve’s new hero shooter, Deadlock, has leaked online, which may be revealed in International 2024.

Deadlock seems like a fusion of Overwatch, Valorant, Dota 2, Smite, Team Fortress, and Ocre Must Die.

Moreover, being a 6v6 shooter, it should be a direct competitor to NetEase Games’ Marvel Rivals.

Deadlock Leak Reveals 6v6 Gameplay As Marvel Rivals

Deadlock is currently in the testing phase, and a few screenshots were leaked on X by Gabe Follower, one of Vavle’s content creators.

The leak suggests agents will have four different abilities and features Lanes to move through the lines quickly.

Only one of the agents is currently known: Grey Talon, whose role seems defensive and focuses on long-range combat.

Besides the ranged heroes, the 6v6 shooter features other roles, including healers, tanks, and assassins, which seems typical for Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas.

Deadlock has a fast travel and tower-defense setup and 19 playable agents in the Alpha phase, all with unique abilities.

The hero shooter also has different types of playable heroes, from humans to robots and magicians to creatures.

However, the roles, heroes, abilities, and mechanisms could change as the MOBA game is still developing to its competitor “Marvel Rivals.”

Unlike Deadlock, Marvel Rivals has already officially released a Trailer, game modes, playable characters, and a Closed Alpha Test.

Both MOBA games will probably launch in Q1 or Q2 of 2025; with Marvel, Rivals set to release on Mac and Windows, Deadlock’s platforms are uncertain.

While Marvel Rivals will be totally free-to-play, Deadlock may follow the same path.

However, both MOBA games will definitely include in-game purchases for cosmetics and other skins.

One of the must-play features for Marvel rivals should definitely be the fan-favorite characters.

Some of the Marvel Rivals characters include Spider-man, Hulk, Iron Man, Loki, Black Panther, and Scarlet Witch.

Marvel Rivals and Deadlock will likely have similar mechanisms, but the graphics on Deadlock seem much better.

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