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Communicate With Teammates Or Opponents Through Mewing Pin In Brawl Stars

Upcoming addition or just a rumor?


  • Mewing Pin in Brawl Stars is more than a collectible item that allows players to express their emotions throughout the game.
  • Players can navigate towards the pin slot, select the Mewing Pin, and change it
  • There is the possibility of players buying Mewing Pin at $1.

Finnish video game company Supercell developed and published a multiplayer online battle arena and third-person hero shooter game, Brawl Stars.

The addition of Mewing Pin to Brawl Stars is raising a lot of excitement and speculation within the community, and players eagerly await its release.

Moreover, the Mewing pin is likely to be released next season, and players can expect new rewards, events, and skins as well.

Express Emotions With Mewing Pin In Brawl Stars

The Mewing Pin is a relatively upcoming addition to Brawl Stars that is gaining popularity among the community.

Generally, it is a collectible item, part of the game’s pin system. This lets players collect and use various pins for communication and expression during matches.

Significantly, players can use pins for expressing emotions, reactions, and messages to teammates and enemies.

mewing pin
Players can use pins to express emotions. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Using this pin, players can bring a little bit of their personality to the game and communicate with others nonverbally.

How To Use The Mewing Pin?

To use the Mewing Pin in, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Brawler tab in the Main Menu.
  • Choose which brawler’s pin you want to change.
  • Go to the bottom right corner and tap on the Pin box.
  • Navigate towards the pin slot, select the Mewing Pin, and change it.

Brawl Stars Team Regarding Mewing Pin

As of now, there are lots of anticipation and speculation in the community from the Brawl Stars team regarding the Mewing Pin.

Players can watch the Brawl Stars’ official social media channels and announcements for the accurate and latest information regarding pins.

They will provide you reliable updates on new releases, including any official news about the Mewing Pin.

It may be available for sale first, probably for $1, before placing in the catalog for wider distribution.

clown pin brawl stars
Free Clown is one of the pins in Brawl Stars. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Are There Any Special Effects With The Mewing Pin?

Basically, Mewing Pin in the game is a cosmetic item that adds a layer of personalization and expression to the game. 

Players can use Pins in Brawl Stars as emotes; further, showcase them during matches to communicate with teammates or opponents.

While they don’t directly affect gameplay, meaning they won’t change stats or abilities, they are an important part of the social experience.

get pin
Collect your pin. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

The Mewing Pin has a unique design that players can use in certain contexts. It can be a playful taunt or a friendly gesture indicating the specific emotion or message in the match.

Similar to the other pins, the Mewing Pin will certainly be sought after because of its aesthetic appeal and the overall fun factor it brings to player interactions.

What New Can Players Expect New In Brawl Stars?

Brawl Stars will introduce some exciting updates in the near future for the players.

Eggs: Monster Eggs were added to Brawl Stars with the 2024 update. Players can collect them throughout matches in all the game modes; each egg has a random prize inside.

Mutation Tier List: Mutation Tier List is a feature, which ranks the best to worst of 40 limited-time abilities for new strategic layers in the game.

Ranked Update: A new patch balances changes, buffing some Brawlers like Sam, Bea, Max, and others while nerfing Larry & Lawrie, Pearl, Piper, and many more. The update also adjusts the Ranked Points distribution and various bug fixes.

New Season: The update of May 2, 2024, brings a new season, notable features and changes that are discussed in the upcoming Brawl Talk, this April.

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