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Land In Military Base For The Gray Zone Warfare “Fort Narith Stroll” Task

Didn't knew Fort Narith Stroll had multiple entrances.


  • Fort Narith Stroll quest starts at Delta 3, so players must locate different areas within the fort.
  • Players need to find Airfield back entrance, Fuel Supply entrance, main entrance and last entrance of Fort Narith.
  • The rewards for this quest are 2 Recon, $4600, 2000 Experience Points and 200 Reputation.

Fort Narith is the large military base in the south of the Sawmill in Gray Zone Warfare.

Handshake suspects the presence of some equipment inside it that would help his team.

The Vendor doesn’t want that equipment to rust away; therefore, the PMC specialist will ask you to search for that equipment around the military base.

Initiate Gray Zone Warfare Fort Narith Stroll

To initiate the Gray Zone Warfare Fort Narith Stroll quest, players need to drop at Delta 3 Landing Zone.

Further, you need to check out the state of Fort Narith entrances so that Handshake’s team can capitalize on them in the future.

There are four gates that are entry points towards Fort Narith, so you should search for all the entrances to complete the objective.

delta 3 gray zone warfare
Land at Delta 3. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Find The Fuel Supply Entrance

You can walk through an open gate to the Fuel Supply entrance, which is located northeast of the Fuel Storage.

The fuel supply entrance is located at the main road’s map coordinates (146 127) and has a black door.

black gate
This is the gate for the Fuel Supply entrance. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You will encounter a blue-white truck on the road right of the Black gate, which leads to the entrance.

fuel supply fort narith stroll
The Fuel supply entrance is located on the main road. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Generally, players can find the Barracks entrance by going up and around the outside of the wall.

Find The Airfield Back Entrance

The next objective is to find the Airfield back entrance, which is located on the borderline of (140 127) and (141 127).

back entrance
The first objective is to find the Airfield’s back entrance. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

For reference, players can look around for White Vehicles on the side of the road in the open area.

White UTE gray zone warfare
Search for the white vehicle. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Find The Main Entrance And Last Entrance

The Fort Narith main entrance is located at the southwest side on map coordinates (144 130) and has a boom barrier.

main entrance
Fort Narith’s main entrance is located on the southwest side. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Moreover, Fort Narith’s last entrance is located in the area (142 131), at the top of East Northeast, with a whiteboard on the outside.

gray zone warfare fort narith stroll
You will see the blue demolished truck around the last entrance. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You may see the blue truck and many enemies around the surroundings. Conversely, completing these entrances completes the Fort Narith Stroll task.

demolished truck gray zone warfare
Look around for this truck as a reference for the last entrance. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

The rewards for completing Fort Narith Stroll after finding all the gates in Gray Zone Warfare are;

  • 2 Recon
  • USD 4600
  • 2000 Experience Points
  • 200 Handshake Reputation

Conversely, players can use these rewards to upgrade their weapons, armor, and other items, which will improve their stats and effectiveness in combat.

Moreover, they can trade some items with other vendors for better equipment or other valuable resources.

Some rewards are part of collectible sets that, when completed, grant bonuses or unlock new game features.

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