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Mithras Faction’s First Hit And First Recon Quests In Gray Zone Warfare

Join the same faction for better co-op experience with your friends.


  • Mithras Security Faction is inspired from Roman Legion which focuses solely on reliability in Gray Zone Warfare.
  • Joining any faction will grant multiple quests, but the nature of quest differs to different factions.
  • First Recon, Secret Compassion, Last Farwell,and Left Behind are few Mithras Faction quests.

Gray Zone Warfare is a realistic tactical shooter that allows players to join a military company at the beginning.

You will have three exciting factions to choose from, but you can only join one faction at a time.

Lamang Recovery Initiative, Mithras Security System, and Crimson Shield International are the factions you can choose from.

Mithras Security System Faction In Gray Zone Warfare

Mithras Security is a private military company focused on the army, which does not interfere much with your history.

One factor Mithras Faction requires is the urge you can show on the battlefield, pick the capable ones, and pay them accordingly.

faction mithras gray zone warfare
Choose any of the three factions. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Mithras Security System has taken inspiration from the Roman Legion system, the largest army of Romans.

You will immediately get assigned quests or tasks if you choose any of the factions.

Choosing the Mithras Faction grants several quests, including First Recon, Secret Compassion, Native Negotiations, and First Hit.

First Recon Quest In Gray Zone Warfare To Check Convenience Store

In the First Recon Quest, players must complete three objectives by checking: a gas station, a convenience store, and a demolished building.

If you head to Kiu Vongsa on the map, you will come across multiple objective locations, including the gas station.

You can find the convenience store on Map Co-ordinates (141 162), the gas station (144 161), and the demolished building (141 165).

gray zone warfare map kiu vongsa
Visit the location using the map coordinates. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

The convenience store and gas station are marked on the map, but not the demolished building, but you can reach there by following the white icon.

mithras faction
Head to the red mark on the map. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

In the demolished building area, you will encounter a yellow Dozer, sand, and a few other raw materials.

You will get the following rewards for completing the quest;

  • MOC II
  • TC-2000
  • $3,400
  • 400 Experience Points
  • 100 Handshake Reputation

First Hit Quest To Defeat Mini-Boss

In the First Hit Quest, you must kill an enemy in the Nam Thaven who will spawn around the marketplace area in Gray Zone Warfare.

nam thaven faction
Reach the marketplace area. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

The enemy has sunglasses on, a red hat, and a beard, so finding the enemy won’t be an issue.

first hit mini boss gray zone warfare
Defeat the mini-boss to complete the quest. Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Players will receive the following rewards for completing the quests;

  • $4500
  • 400 Experience
  • 100 Handshake Reputation

Players can start other quests, including Left Behind, Last Farwell, and On The Range, if they complete the quests.

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