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Monopoly Go Check Mark To Fill Weekly Challenge Bar In Quick Wins

You can miss objectives for any two days after the weekly reset.


  • Earning the check mark will gradually fill the Rewards bar In Monopoly Go.
  • Players can complete three daily objectives for five days after the Weekly reset.
  • The Quick Wins weekly challenge resets on Monday 8 am EST.

A check mark on the Daily Task/ Quick wins suggests players have completed the specific objective.

When players complete a few sets of objectives they will get a reward or the Weekly Prize.

However, several times, even after completing the objectives, the reward path doesn’t seem to fill in, making fans disappointed.

Get Check Mark In Monopoly To Obtain Sticker Pack

You can earn a check, Mark, and receive rewards after completing all three weekly objectives for atleast five days.

The Weekly Challenge resets every Monday at 8 EST, where players must complete at least 15 challenges.

Players who exceed the objectives will still get more rewards due to higher check marks.

The quick wins objective changes daily, so ensure to check out the tab before you start your tasks in Monopoly Go.

You can get the easiest tasks to difficult ones, from rolling Dice five times to rolling doubles four times.

quick wins monopoly go check mark
Roll 5 times to complete the first objective. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You can only unlock the second objective on the quick wins after completing the first challenge and the third one after completing the second objective.

Players Unable To Get Rewards After Getting Check Mark In Monopoly Go

As the weekly challenges reset on Monday, the best way is to grab the Quick Wins rewards on the same day so you don’t miss out on any Check Marks.

The most straightforward to obtain the final-day reward is completing all objectives in five days; however, a few players complain they can’t get the pack or the wild card.

Moreover, if you somehow miss the Challenge on the first two days of the weekly challenge, complete the challenge five days in a row; otherwise, you will miss the rewards.

You can always check the total remaining days on the Quick Wins Tab to track the rewards.

quick wins monopoly go check mark
Check the remaining time of the Weekly Challenge. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

The Quick Wins tab may be bugged if you still can’t get the rewards even after getting the Checkmark in time.

You can contact customer support if you miss the in-game rewards by following the procedure;

  • Open Monopoly Go and Tap Settings via the Hamburger Menu.
  • Under the Support/Legal Section, Tap Customer Service.
  • Press I lost my game progress or Chat With Us.

You can also view the FAQ section, search articles, learn the known issues, Partner Event or Account settings under Customer Service.

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