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Monopoly Go Community Chest Hack To Unlock More Rewards

Invite your close ones for more reward.


  • Monopoly Comminity chests are avaibale for users with high friend invitations.
  • Chests contains dice rolls, cash and even rare 5-star stickers.
  • Changing Date and Time is the easiset hack as the chest is only accessible once a day.

Monopoly Go is a casual board-and-build game that lets you collect friends, properties, and rewards.

However, some players seek ways to cheat the system and get more dice, coins, and stickers.

Nonetheless, if can play the game fairly and enjoy the thrill of the board, it is great but if you are struggling to get the rewards using cheats once in a while is fine.

Use Community Chest For Rewards In Monopoly Go

The Community Chest in Monopoly Go allows you to win prizes by collecting friends and landing on the key tile.

The chest is some sort of mini-game that requires few requirements and creates a small community of friends.

Significantly, to complete the Community Chest, you must invite five friends to the game

You should tap on the green button on the community chest to send an invitation.

Additionally, you can play the Daily Jackpot mini-game once per day. If all the friends are collected, the jackpot prize is won.

Monopoly Go Community Chest hack
Open the community chest for exclusive rewards. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

For the best scenario possible, i.e., collecting high rewards, you should open the community chest before switching off at the end of the day.

Community Chest Hack In Monopoly Go

There is no official or reliable way to hack the Community Chest, but some players claim to use tricks such as:

50X Multiplier

As hitting the jackpot in the community chest is quite rare, few players have figured out a trick to get the 50x multiplier and a purple sticker.

But initially, you should ensure to have a community chest in your inventory.

Changing the date and time settings on the device to get premium rewards can work wonders.

However, this is risky and may harm the device or the account. This seems to be a general cheat or hack that some players use.

Further, this manipulates the game mechanics and gets more resources or advantages.

To increase your chances of grabbing the stickers, change your time to 8 AM from 7 AM, as your Community Chest opens at 8 AM on Monopoly.

Next, you should head to Monopoly Go, open the Chest for exclusive gifts, and rechange the time settings again.

When the time is 8 AM again, you will receive the Chest box again. If you want to grab the chest again, you should change your time zone or location again.

Friends With The Highest Value

Choosing the friends with the highest value on the board will give more rewards and fill the chest faster.

Generally, this idea prioritizes the friends with the highest value or rarity. These friends will provide more rewards, bonuses, or progress benefits.

Monopoly Go Community Chest
Select friends with the highest value. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

For example, in Disney Magic Kingdoms, some characters can help unlock new attractions, quests, or tokens.

Use The Presents

If a present with a friend coin is obtained, pick a friend who does not have a present on them.

This way, more friends can be cleared with one roll, which is a specific strategy for a game.

The strategy is to use the friend coins on the friends that do not have a present on them.

Significantly, this will maximize the number of friends cleared and the rewards obtained

Avoiding The Keys

Avoiding the keys will end the turn and prevent collecting more friends, which is related to Coin Master.

Generally, the game features Friend Blast, where players can spin a wheel to collect friends and rewards.

However, the wheel also has some keys, which will end the Friend Blast and return the player to the regular game.

The strategy is to avoid the keys, as they will cut short the opportunity to collect more friends and rewards.

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