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Monopoly Go Free Hammer Links To Dig Treasures

Expand your empire with free hammers.


  • Monopoly Go Hammer Links allows players to collect more hidden treasures like cash, dice rolls and purple stickers.
  • Curretly, there are no known links for Hammers, but item is obtainable through other process.
  • Players can get free hammers through quick wins, completing milestones and through gift shops.

Monopoly Go is a mobile-based game that lets you play the classic board game with a twist.

The game often introduces new events which require items such as hammers and mittens to unlock treasures.

Players will need hammers in events, including Sunken Treasures and Egyptian Treasures.

Free Hammer Links In Monopoly Go

You will need these tools to dig and break squares during the game’s special events.

Players can obtain them by participating in events, completing daily quick wins, and reaching specific milestones.

The primary purpose of hammers is to help players discover artifacts and claim rewards. Moreover, those rewards typically include free dice, sticker packs, and cash.

Hammers are essential for progressing through levels and completing milestones in numerous events.

monopoly go events
Participate in events to collect more hammers.

Players have been searching for free links to obtain hammers, also known as pickaxes, in Monopoly GO.

Despite the quest of requiring hammers, no known links for acquiring hammers exist as of now.

Players must try in-game activities like joining events, accomplishing daily quick wins, and hitting specific milestones

How To Get More Hammers In Monopoly Go?

If you are wondering how to secure more hammers to enhance your Monopoly GO experience, here’s a guide:

Participate In Events And Shop Gifts

Players can engage in ongoing events, where progressing through levels can reward you with hammers.

Additionally, explore the in-game shop and check the 8-hour free shop gift during events, as it may contain additional hammers.

Daily Quick Wins

Complete the daily quick wins, a straightforward and efficient way to earn 3-4 hammers per objective.

Moreover, these allow you to accumulate around a dozen hammers daily to unlock more rewards.

Milestone Achievements

Players should Reach specific milestones in events and tournaments to claim extra hammers.

For example, achieving Milestone 3 in events will reward you with additional hammers, cash, stickers and dice rolls.

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