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Monopoly Go Mother’s Day Event And Rewards

Level up ranks by securing points.


  • On Mother’s day, many players got six unique stickers including, Callout, Super Fandom, and Banjo Pluckin.
  • Scopely introduced Stroller Showdwon event on Mother’s Day occasion on May 12.
  • Stroller Shwodwon has 30 different milestones and rewards for all 50 leaderboard players.

Monopoly Go often releases new events on different occasions, including Christmas, New Year, and Halloween.

Scopley has not introduced a separate event for Mother’s Day but has rewarded players generously.

Nonetheless, Scopely has rewarded many players with six different but identical stickers on Mother’s Day.

Monopoly Go Mother’s Day Stickers

Players can engage in various challenges, including tournaments and Daily challenges, with rewards, including free stickers and dice rolls.

Quick wins are one of the daily challenges that can grant rewards, with seven different objectives that reset every day.

Players can access the Quick Wins tab under “Wins” on the Home Screen, which grants rewards for every milestone you complete.

You will obtain Stickers, Dice, and Cash if you complete the Quick Wins on Mother’s Day.

stickers monopoly go
Collect the six stickers.

The majority of the Monopoly Go players have got the following stickers as a reward for Mother’s Day;

  • Callout
  • Super Fandom
  • Banjo Pluckin
  • Dream Come True
  • A Natural
  • Baby Ludwig

Any of the stickers can be crucial if they are missing to fill an album to complete the set and earn thousands of dice and cash.

Monopoly Go Stroller Showdown Event On Mother’s Day

Monopoly Go may not have introduced a separate event for Mother’s Day; however, they still offered players a Stroller Showdown tournament on May 12, 2024.

The event will run until May 13, when you must compete with 50 players to collect rare stickers and dice rolls.

Players can focus on Bank Heists, Showdowns, attempting to land on Railroad Tiles, or even completing daily tasks.

The Tournament has 30 milestones, determined by points, and every player will get rewards even if they are ranked 50.

Monopoly Go Stroller Showdown Milestone And Reward

Players can get a total of 3110 dice, five sticker packs, and 347 Peg-E tokens if they secure every milestone, but you still get rewards even if you struggle to get all the rewards.

Level PointsRewards
15035 Dice Rolls
240One-Star Sticker Pack
380Seven Peg-E Tokens
4120High Roller For Five Minutes
514015 Peg-E Prize Drop Chips
6150100 Dice Rolls
713025 Peg-E Tokens
8160Two-Star Sticker Pack
9180150 Dice Rolls
1020020 Peg-E Tokens
11250Three-Star Sticker Pack
12225175 Dice Rolls
1327540 Peg-E Tokens
14300Four-Star Sticker Pack
15400275 Dice Rolls
1742555 Peg-E Tokens
19600400 Dice Rolls
20650Rent Frenzy For 25 Minutes
21550Four-Star Sticker Pack
2270075 Peg-E Tokens
241000675 Dice Rolls
2613001000 Peg-E Tokens
281600Cash Grab For 15 Minutes
3020001300 Dice Rolls

Monopoly Go Stroller Showdown Leaderboard Rewards

Besides gaining points for milestones, players can also collect based on Leaderboard rankings from Rank 1 to 50.

Leaderboard RankRewards
1Five-Star Sticker Pack, 1500 Dice Rolls
2Four-Star Sticker Pack, 800 Dice Rolls
3Four-Star Sticker Pack, 600 Dice Rolls
4Four-Star Sticker Pack, 500 Dice Rolls
5Three-Star Sticker Pack, 400 Dice Rolls
6Three-Star Sticker Pack, 350 Dice Rolls
7Three-Star Sticker Pack, 300 Dice Rolls
8Two-Star Sticker Pack, 250 Dice Rolls
9Two-Star Sticker Pack, 200 Dice Rolls
10Two-Star Sticker Pack, 200 Dice Rolls

Players from Rank 11 to 15 will receive 50 Dice Rolls; however, players below 15 must compromise with Cash Only, which is a bonus point for Rank 1 to 15.

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