Monopoly Go Wild Property Card Acts As Substitute And Used To Complete Sets

A substitute for every card.

Monopoly Go
Wild Property card acts as a substitute card.


  • Propert card is usable instead of any other card.
  • Helps to boost rent, complete sets, and strategic combos.
  • The card has no monetary value and usable only once.

The Wild Property Card in Monopoly GO is a versatile substitute for any card, offering advantages in completing sets and boosting rent.

Subsequently, players can obtain Wild Property Cards through gameplay achievements, special events, or in-game purchases.

Additionally, these cards provide flexibility and opportunities for strategic maneuvers, making them valuable assets.

Wild Property Card In Monopoly Go

The Wild Property Cards are multicolor cards in Monopoly GO that function as versatile substitutes for any Cards in the game.

Unlike regular Cards, they are not tied to a specific color or property set, giving players flexibility in their gameplay.

Players can only use one Wild Property Cards per turn, so it’s crucial to strategize and use them effectively.

You can also utilize Wild Property Cards in various ways to enhance your gameplay:

  • Completing Sets: When you’re missing a particular card to complete a set, a Wild Property Card can fill that gap.
  • Rent Boost: Pairing a Wild Property Card with another card of the same color doubles the rent value, providing you with increased income.
  • Strategic Combos: Players can creatively combine Wild Property Card with another card to design unexpected strategies and outsmart their opponents.
multicolor wildcard card
The Wild Property Cards are multicolor cards that function as versatile substitutes.

Monopoly Go Deal Rules For Wild Property Card

Property Wildcards serve as substitutes for any property color shown on the card.

They also allow players to fill gaps in their property sets strategically.

Obtaining A Wild Property Card

You can obtain Property Wildcards through various means, such as:

  • Drawing cards from the deck.
  • Trading with opponents using Action cards like Deal Breaker.
  • Taking them with specific Action cards.

Limitations Of A Wild Property Card

Property Wildcards have some limitations:

  • You cannot use them alone to complete a set; there must be at least one standard property card in the set for it to be considered complete.
  • They have no monetary value and you cannot use them to pay rent.
  • Players can only have one Wild Card of each color in their hand at any given time.
only have one Wild Card
Players can only have one Wild Card of each color in their hand.

Using Wild Property Card Strategically 

Players can employ Property Wildcards strategically to:

  • Quickly complete sets by filling in missing property colors.
  • Maximize rent collection by strategically placing them within property sets.
  • Create unexpected combinations to gain a competitive advantage over opponents.

How Can You Win Wild Property Card In Monopoly Go?

Here are some details on how you can acquire Wild Property Cards:

Gold Vault Rewards

Players can progress through Monopoly GO and earn Stars to unlock the Gold Vault.

Inside, players can receive various rewards, including Wild Property Cards.

Moreover, these Wild Property Cards act as versatile substitutes for any card in the game.

As players accomplish milestones and challenges or reach certain levels of ability, the game will reward them with Wild Property Cards.

Hence, these achievements can include completing property sets, winning consecutive games, or achieving high levels of success.

Participate In Special Events

Monopoly GO hosts special events where players like Wild Property Cards can earn rewards.

By engaging in gameplay or completing specific tasks during these events, players can acquire Wild Property Cards.

Occasionally, Monopoly GO runs limited-time promotions or offers where players can earn Wild Property Cards as bonuses.

These promotions may involve participating in specific events, logging in during designated periods, or engaging with promotional content.

In-Game Purchases

Some players may choose to acquire Wild Property Cards through in-game purchases.

Monopoly GO may offer the option for players to buy premium features or items, using real money within the game’s marketplace.


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