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“Moth-Infested Cavern” Cyst Quest In Destiny 2 With Lost Encryption Bit

Journey of the plates.


  • In Moth-infested Cavern cyst mission, you should enter the circular plares and kill off the ghosts.
  • You should defeat the IR Abrum Mothlit boss and heal the ghost to complete the quest.
  • The quest’s Lost Encryption Bit is located at the cave underneath the first ogre.

Destiny 2 offers plenty of cyst missions that can grant Legendary and, eventually, The Khvostov Exotic.

Players can unlock the cysts missions after playing the Alone in the Dark quest, collecting nine encryption bits throughout the map and completing the main campaign.

The cyst missions, which are mini-challenges in the secret areas, will be displayed around the map.

Moth-Infested Cavern Quest In Destiny 2

The primary location of the Moth-infested Cavern cyst quest is The Refraction in The Pale Heart.

To reach the location, you need to first travel to either The Landing or The Blooming landing zones.

Further, you should pin the location and follow the marker, to reach the location and activate the quest.

moth infested cavern destiny 2
Activate Moth-infested cavern quest. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Like any other Cyst quests, you should follow the white bird until you reach the Puzzle location.

The Bird can suddenly disappear from your sight, so try to follow it carefully to save a few seconds.

Solve The Puzzle

You will reach a locked cave guarded by a Hive, get past the enemy, and shoot the identical marked objects to solve the puzzle.

puzzle cyst destiny 2
Unlock the entrance by solving the puzzle. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You will hear a dialogue and encounter many enemies, including Acolytes and Blistered Ogre.

The Ogre will also drop Memory: Vestige Light (dropped by yellow-bar enemies), which can be used to unlock Prismatic fragments in The Final Shape and hop into the plates.

You can also get the encryption bit from the cave, just below the circular platform, where the ogre was last standing.

Get the Encryption bit from the cave. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Enter The Blue Crystal Area

You should try to clear out the area as much as possible and head to the next marker, which has a few blue crystals around.

The watery area is not the prettiest to be in, as enemies continuously crossfire you non-stop.

So, try to clear spots one by one, jump in the plate and get rid of the ghosts, and enter the next area, which will again have Few Hives.

Defeat the swarm of enemies. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Players can try killing off few of them to reveal next marker, which will consist of plenty of Revenant Thrall, swamming like zombies.

Heal The Wounded Ghost

Players should gradually get rid of the ghost by jumping through the plates and killing the moths.

IR Abrum Mothlit will appear as the final enemy in the quest, who doesn’t seem as threatening as another group of Moths in the quest.

moth boss destiny 2
Defeat the Moth boss. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You can beat the enemy and jump in to heal the Wounded Ghost to conclude the cyst quest.

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