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MW3 Burst Fire Mode For 30 Operator Kills In Week 7 Challenge

Just don't switch to single fire mode.


  • Getting 30 Operator kills with Burst Fire Mode is one of the Challenges of Season 3 Week 7 in COD:MW3
  • Players can use FR 5.56, M16 or Renetti weapon in any map.
  • Completing five of the seven challenges will grant players a Jak Patriot conversion kit.

COD: MW3 releases Weekly challenges regularly with multiple objectives and even a decent reward.

In Week 7, players have seven sets of objectives to complete, with the first one being kill with Burst Mode.

Players must get 30 operator kills set in Burst Fire Mode with a recommended Weapon.

30 Operator Kills With Burst Fire Mode In MW3

Players can select any map if they want a challenging task; however, if you want to complete the first objective faster, opt for Mosh Pit Playlist.

If you have to pick a burst fire weapon, you can choose FR 5.56 or any other weapon with burst mode, including M16 or Renetti.

Once you have any recommended weapons, head to any map and start defeating enemies.

Killing 30 enemies should not be an issue, as you don’t need to get Headshots, nor should you kill them when you are low on health.

mw3 burst mode
Kill 30 enemies using Burst Mode. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

However, if you are on long-range, try using the ADS; otherwise, normal mode works well, but high recoil can be an issue.

Once you complete the challenge, you will get 2500 XP and can play the next challenges, including Get 8 Operator Kills after reloading with an AR weapon.

8 Operator Kills After Reloading With AR

You can choose any loadouts for the second challenge of Multiplayer Mode, including Bal-27, MTZ-556, M16, FR 5.56, and Kastov-762 in COD: MW3.

Moreover, you can play on any map to complete this challenge; however, picking 10 Vs.10 Mosh Pit, Standard Mosh Pit, or Small Mosh Pit on Hardcore mode is recommended.

mw3 AR
Complete the challenge on any map. (Source: Screen Plays Map)

For faster reload speed, players can use Commando Gloves and Mag Holster Perks and use guns in either of the gun modes: Single, Auto, or Burst to get 8 Kills.

Completing this challenge will grant you 5000 XP, and finishing five of the seven challenges will give you Jak Patriot.

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