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Visit Black Trench In No Rest For The Wicked To Find Darak During Of Rats And Raiders Quest

As if first encounter with Darak was not enough.


  • The Black Trench is a cave area which is accessible in Of Rats And Raiders after exploring Marine’s Keep.
  • Players can encounter Derek inside the Black Trench near the Winnick Battle area.
  • Dodging and rolling attacks passively right after Darak’s attack is vital while facing the Second boss of the game.

No Rest for the Wicked is probably one of the most challenging RPG games, whether you extract the chest or play quests.

Of Rats and Raiders definitely proves that right, considering the quest can take up to five hours to complete.

To begin the quest, you must search for an area where Odessa is captured.

Searching Darak In Black Trench During Of Rats And Raiders Quest

Darak is No Rest For The Wicked’s second boss, which is quite tough to beat than the first one: Winnick The Torn.

Searching Falstead Darak is Of Rats And Raider’s first primary objective.

But first, you must search Odessa in Sacrament, where Winnick will hand over the quest.

After beginning the journey from the Winnicks area, players should head towards the mark on Mariner’s Keep.

black trench no rest for the wicked
Enter the Red Mark on the Mariner’s keep. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Right after you reach the Red Mark on the map, a short cut scene will appear, unlocking the new path.

The path will take you to a cave just across the River, which is the entrance to the Black Trench.

The Black Trench
Enter the cave to reach The Black Trench. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Shortly after reaching the Black Trench, you will come across a Wooden door that thankfully needs no key access.

While Exploring the area, you will find plenty of Whispers; ensure you reach one on the West side of the Sacrament.

whisper no rest for the wicked
Reach the whisper on the map. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

If you take the stairs just across the whisper, you will hear Darak screaming viciously, “No! You can’t have her!” which suggests you are pretty close to the boss.

Follwing the fireplace will lead you to another Cave, which eventually takes you to Darak, who is Mercilessly Beheading an NPC.

How To Beat Darak In The Black Trench In No Rest For The Wicked?

The real issue in Of Rats And Raiders is to defeat Darak rather than find him, considering the second boss is Giant and extremely fast.

darak no rest for the wicked
Darak is exceptionally versatile and quick despite his size. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Even though Dark is pretty tough to encounter, you can tackle him if you reach around level five during the first encounter in Black Trench.

Darak likes to rush into attack without a second thought, which you should take advantage of. However, ensure you have rare gear as a shield.

Instead of using double-handed weapons, you should use single-handed weapons to increase the damage penetration whenever you have a chance to attack.

If you usually play further from the enemy to constantly keep your health high in the bar, a ranged weapon can be used but may not be enough like the close ones.

Not only does Darak have that mighty sword but triple-threat hands that can attack you at once, so you must be extremely passive in all instances and attack when necessary.

Darak boss
Daraks attacks aggressively with a sword and three hands. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

As Darak rages on the attack on quick successions, you should dodge almost all the attacks; otherwise, it can take several tries.

If you can dodge on perfect timing, you can use your weapon on Darak’s back for that critical hit.

If Darak constantly attacks the same pattern, the best way is to keep a distance until the enemy changes the pattern.

Working perfectly on preserving, attack rolls, attack, and defense patterns will constantly increase Darak’s Fatigue.

Darak boss
Analyze Darak’s attack pattern, (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Tha attacks will drain his health quickly, which should be enough to beat him if you have not taken heavy Damage or Healed throughout.

Defeating Dark will provide players with several items, including Plague Ichor, Weeping Earth, and bone pieces.

Howver, there’s a high chance he will flee from the area when due to low HP.

After encountering Darrak, you should complete the following two objectives: freeing the Rattigun and solving the Sewer Puzzle until you reencounter him.

During the second encounter with the enemy, you can use the same strategy that made him flee from combat.

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