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Obtain “Do You Believe In Light” Trophy In Wuthering Waves

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  • To obtain Do You Believe In Light” in Wuthering Waves, find the shiny rocksteady and kill it.
  • To obtain 3-Star Trophies in Wuthering Waves, you need to engage with the game’s gacha system.
  • Use the in-game currency to perform gacha pulls, which can potentially reward you with 3-Star Trophies.

Do You Believe In Light” in Wuthering Waves is a trophy encouraging player’s achievement and skills.

Significantly, in Wuthering Waves, trophies are a way to showcase your achievements and progress within the game.

The RPG has even more multiple-star trophies you can obtain by completing the challenge or certain milestones.

How To Get The “Do You Believe In Light” In Wuthering Waves?

“Do You Believe In Light” in Wuthering Waves is a 3-star trophy players can earn.

To get the trophy, players need to travel back to the Black River near the thundering Memphis, find the shiny rocksteady, and kill it.

"Do You Believe In Light" In Wuthering Waves
Kill the rocksteady. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Significantly, thundering Memphis is a 4-Cost Overlord Echo that deals with Electro DMG. It increases the current character’s Electro DMG and Resonance Liberation DMG.

Thundering Memphis has sonata effects. If you equip two pieces of the Void Thunder set, your character’s Electro Damage (DMG) is increased by 10%.

When you equip a full set of five pieces, you get an additional benefit. After your character uses a Heavy Attack or a Resonance Skill, your Electro DMG is further boosted by 15%.

You can find it in the Withering Frontline area of Desorock Highland; however, it has teleportation abilities and gap-closing moves.

List Of 3-Star Trophies In Wuthering Waves

The list of 3-Star Trophies in Wuthering Waves is as follows:


  • 3- Star Broadblade of Night
  • 3- Star Broadblade of Voyager
  • 3- Star Guardian Broadblade
  • 3- Star Originite: Type I
Guardian Broadblade
Guardian Broadblade. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)


  • 3- Star Gauntlets of Night
  • 3- Star Gauntlets of Voyager
  • 3- Star Guardian Gauntlets
  • 3- Star Originite: Type IV
Gauntlets of Night. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)


  • 3- Star Originite: Type III Pistol
  • 3- Star Guardian Pistols
  • 3- Star Pistols of Night
  • 3- Star Pistols of Voyager
Guardian Pistols
Guardian Pistols. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)


  • 3- Star Guardian Rectifier
  • 3- Star Originite: Type V Rectifier
  • 3- Star Rectifier of Night
  • 3- Star Rectifier of Voyager
Guardian Rectifier
Guardian Rectifier. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)


  • 3- Star Sword of Voyager
  • 3- Star Guardian Sword
  • 3- Star Type II Sword
  • 3- Star Sword of Night
Tyro Sword
Tyro Sword. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

How To Obtain 3-Star Trophies In Wuthering Waves?

To obtain 3-star Trophies in Wuthering Waves, you need to engage with the game’s gacha system.

Gacha Pulls: Use the in-game currency to perform gacha pulls, potentially rewarding you with 3-Star Trophies.

Completing Quests: Some trophies might be obtained by completing specific quests or challenges within the game.

Event Participation: Participate in time-limited events such as Solitary Crusade that may offer 3-Star Trophies as rewards.

In-Game Achievements: Achieve certain milestones or in-game achievements that could grant you these trophies.

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