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Obtain “Facet Of Awakening” In Destiny 2 From The Refractions

Watch your step on the tree bridge!


  • The Facet of Awakening is one of the Prismatic Fragments in “Destiny 2: The Final Shape” that offers unique benefits to your Guardian.
  • To unlock this Prismatic Fragments, you need to complete the Memory: Refractions of Light quest.
  • Players must initially complete Micah-10’s Alone in the Dark questline to get the Memory quest.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape, a newly launched expansion of the MMO, has some exciting exotics, new sub-class and exclusive quests.

Prismatic Fragments are one of the components that boost the abilities of your Guardian for enhanced adventure.

Moreover, Destiny 2 has 21 Prismatic Fragments, including the Facet of Dominance and the Facet of Awakening.

Complete Memory: Refractions Of Light To Get Facet Of Awakening

The Facet of Awakening is one of the prismatic fragments you will get as a reward for completing Memory: Refractions of Light.

Memory Refraction of light in destiny 2
Start your mission from the Refraction of Pale Heart. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

However, to start the quest, you must have to collect the five Vestige of Light from the Alone In The Dark questline.

Interact with Micah-10 to start Alone in the Dark Questline; as you defeat some enemies in the quest, you will obtain the Vestige of light.

Once you have enough Vestiges of Light, you can unlock the Memory: Refractions of Light.

glowing enemies in destiny 2
Defeat the glowing enemies to collect the Vestige of Light. ( Source: Screen Plays Mag)

When you get the five vestiges of light, they combine to become a Memory item, which later unlocks the new location for you.

Memory: Refractions Of Light In Destiny 2

After you collect the necessary Vestige of light, you can venture into The Refraction and start your journey to get the Facet Of Awakening.

Around the location, you need to head towards the Cyst area, where you will encounter enemies that will drop Memories Light Vestige.

Moreover, Acolyte and Shrieker are the major enemies that you will face in the area.

enemies in destiny 2
Follow the enemies and defeat them. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Once you are done with the enemies, you may also be tasked to solve Hive Puzzles waiting in the Cyst area.

Thus, solve the puzzles and follow the diamond sign navigation arrow, which will lead you toward the end.

Diamond arrow in Destiny 2
Follow the Diamond arrow. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Additionally, once you are done with the enemies and Puzzles, you need to search for the Prismatic Reward, which will be located around the area.

The reward box is on a large broken tree branch in the Refraction area. This tree forms a bridge connecting two significant hills.

 facet of awakening as a reward in destiny 2
Claim Prismatic Reward at the end of the mission. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You will get the Facet Of Awakening from the Prismatic reward box; along with it you may also get other valuable items like enhancement cores and upgrade modules.

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