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Obtain “Overgrown Prismatic Key” In Destiny 2 From The Lost City

Slay the Enlightened Harbinger.


  • In Destiny 2, Prismatic keys are the valuable elements that help players to unlock the chest.
  • There are different types of prismatic keys in the gameplay of Destiny 2; each has its own chest to be unlocked.
  • The overgrown prismatic key is one of the keys that will help you to unlock the Prismatic reward from The Lost City.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape came out after a long wait and introduced some exciting features, elements, and missions.

Prismatic fragments are one of the essential elements in the gameplay mechanics, as they boost the energy level of your Guardian.

Players can obtain these elements after completing a quest or by unlocking the chest with a prismatic key.

Defeat The Enlightened Harbinger To Get The Overgrown Prismatic Key

In this MMO game, players can find different Prismatic Keys scattered in the various regions of the Destiny 2 map.

Transgressive, Overgrowth, and Divided Prismatic Key are some of the keys that you will find in this expansion.

The lost city in destiny 2
Enter the lost city to get the key. ( Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Players can find the Overgrown Prismatic Key around the landing zone of The Lost City of Pale Heart.

Once you travel to the Lost City, move towards the Outskirts, where you will encounter different enemies.

To obtain the key, you must defeat the enemies of your way and find all four lost ghosts from the Lost City area.

Find Lost Ghosts

Lost Ghosts are scattered over the city, which you need to find. Players must complete the Final Shape campaign to track down the lost ghost.

Once you finish the first mission of the Ergo Sum exotic quest, Queens Part 1, you will gain the ability to track the ghost.

Ghost in lost city
Investigate the ghost from the lost city. ( Source: Screen Plays Mag)

After that mission, you will get a transmat Micah-10’s Lost Ghost Analytics, which you can use to find the ghost.

The Lost Ghost can be found anywhere in the Lost City; thus, the best way to find them all is to hunt down the place.

Once you find a Lost Ghost, you will receive a message with the words,” A Lost Ghost has been found.”

Lost ghost found in city
Hunt down the Lost City to find the ghost. ( Source: Screen Plays)

Therefore, after you receive the final message about the ghost, you need to move towards the ritual area to progress.

Complete The Summoning Ritual And Defeat The Boss

After finding the lost ghosts, you must visit the ritual site, which you can recognize by its stage-like structure with yellow light around it.

Once you enter the area, you will encounter enemies like Weaver and Immunel. Thus, you must defeat them to progress.

After you defeat some enemies, the boss, Enlightened Harbinger, will emerge with extreme power.

boss in destiny 2
Defeat the boss to obtain the key. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You might face difficulty facing the boss; thus, be ready for the intense battle using your skills and powerful weapons.

Once you defeat the boss, you will receive the overgrown prismatic key, which will help you unlock the prismatic chest in The Lost City of Destiny 2.

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