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Choose One Morgen Green Parts Of The Land For Emmer Fertility In Manor Lords

Manage land to bring a good quantity of emmer.


  • Emmer is one of ancient types of wheat crops; a leading crop in Manor Lords.
  • The stability of your people’s food supply and the success of your settlement depend on effective management of emmer fertility.
  • Green area in the map indicates for high fertility and is the best for planting emmer.

In a world full with potential and difficulties, the emmer grain becomes the foundation of civilization in Manor Lords.

But just planting crops, maximizing the harvest involves an understanding of the concept of emmer fertility.

However, it is key resource that determines the degree your wheat fields will produce, affecting food stores and village prosperity.

Emmer Fertility In Manor Lords

Emmer is one of ancient types of wheat crops; a leading crop in Manor Lords.

Significantly, emmer fertility management is key to continuity in a steady food supply for your people and the prosperity of your settlement.

Moreover, it refers to the fertility level of the land related to growing emmer.

Contrarily, emmer fertility of Manor Lords is related to how good the crop will be grown in a specific tile.

emmer fertility manor lords
Emmer is one of ancient types of wheat crops. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

How To Manage Emmer Fertility In Manor Lords?

Emmer fertility should be managed well to sustain a lively community in the game.

A regular supply of high quality emmer will provide a sufficient food supply for the expansion and prosperity in your area.

To manage emmer fertility in Manor Lords, follow the steps below:

Choose The Right Area

While starting the farming process in Manor lords, it is necessary to select the right location.

You can look for the fertility map in the game, indicated with various colors and representing fertility levels.

Significantly, Green is reserved for high fertility and is the best for planting emmer.

Choose a one morgen field because it is easy to manage and brings a good quantity of crops without putting too much effort on your resources.

one morgen land
Choose a one morgen field to manage and brings a good quantity of emmer. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Check The Crop Fertility

Every piece of land in the game has a fertility rating; determines how well crops will grow.

All the green parts are the best because they have high fertility and are suitable to use as a starting emmer crop.

Thus, begin with emmer because it is the most basic foodstuff and ensuring the crops grow well guarantees the survival and expansion of your settlement.

As time progresses, you will need to monitor and maintain the fertility of your fields for them to remain productive.

Crop Rotation

You need to cover all crops to prevent soil exhaustion. If you plant the same crop in the same field from year to year, the soil will deplete its specific nutrients needed for that crop, leading to infertility.

Thus, if you apply crop rotation annually, the soil health can be mainitained, and each type of crop can flourish.

green part of Manor Lords
Green area is the best part for the Emmer cultivation. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Regenerate Fertility

For Manor Lords, you can access many developments that enhance your settlement’s efficiency and productivity.

Fertilization is a development going down the tree of farming technology.

Thus, emmer produce higher yields if you unlock and apply fertilization strategies.

This development proves very important since your settlement is expanding, so the demand for food is rising.

It makes sure that your fields remain fertile and productive for a long time.

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