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Orbital Railcannon Strike Is One Of The Best Weapons In Helldivers 2 But Friendly Fire Can Be A Huge Issue

Caution! you might kill your team-mates.


  • Orbital Railcannon Strike is among the powerful Stratagem.
  • Requires level 20 and Requisitions 10000 to unlock.
  • The code for the Railcannon is Right, Up, Down, Down, Right button.

The Orbital Railcannon Strike is one of the best Stratagem in Helldivers 2, thanks to its powerful and accurate orbital strikes.

It is a special weapon that helps Helldivers in a tough situation surrounded by automatons and bugs.

So, Helldivers must get this impressive weaponry in their arsenal to become resilient in every challenging encounter.

What Is Orbital Railcannon Strike In Helldivers 2?

Helldivers 2 is a thrilling third-person action shooter where helldivers risk their lives to save humanity from alien creatures.

As Helldivers are the last hope for the Super Earth, players must equip themselves with robust weapons to face any encounters.

One of the most formidable weapons in Helldivers 2 that stands out among the rest is the Orbital Railcannon Strike.

The Orbital Railcannon Strike is a precision weapon of mass destruction that can completely change the course of a fight.

Orbital Railcannon strikes in Helldivers 2
The Orbital Railcannon Strike shoots a beam from the sky and kills enemies instantly within its range. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

When you call Orbital Raincannon strike, it will shoot a beam of light from the sky that can kill many enemies instantly.

Additionally, you can call one Orbital Railcannon every few minutes which instantly drops on the biggest target in the area.

With this devastating weapon, you can blast automatons like hulks away in seconds and even take down charges with no effort.

How To Get Orbital Rail Cannon In Helldivers 2?

Orbital Rail Cannon belongs to the category of Orbital Cannons, the code of which is Right, Up, Down, Down, and Right button.

The offensive type Cannon can be used unlimited times but costs a whooping 10000 requisitions.

To complete the purchase, you must head to your ship’s Ship Management Console.

Stats Of Orbital Railcannon Strike

While railguns are potent weapons to take down enemies on the battlefield, the Orbital Railcannon strike is a game changer.

You can obtain the Orbital Railcannon Strike at level 20, but it takes a lot of work and upgrades to unlock.

Furthermore, the call-in time of the Orbital Railcannon is 1 second which is pretty fast to back you up during battles.

The impressive part of the Orbital railcannon strike is its unlimited uses, but the cooldown time is 210 seconds.

In addition, it is a particular weapon that kills enemies, including Bile Titans and other Automatons, through single orbital strikes.

Targets Enemies Automatically

When you call in the Orbital Railcannon strike it automatically targets enemies from above.

It can cause devastating damage to enemies in just one second, and you can use it as many times as necessary.

However, the downside of Orbital Railcannon Strike is that each time you use it, you have to wait for it to cool down for 210 seconds.

Hence, you have to be smart about when to use it and plan your attacks carefully.

The weapon is excellent for taking one of the most potent enemies, Bile Titan, as it can be used multiple times in a single mission.

Aim Precision In Orbital Railcannon Strike

What makes the Orbital Railcannon Strike special is its precision targeting system and how it targets enemies.

While other weapons require precise aiming, the Railcannon Strike automatically aims at the largest target within its range.

Call Orbital Railcannon Strike in Helldivers 2
You can call the Orbital Railcannon strike when you are against a swarm of bugs and automatons. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

When you are against a swarm of bugs or automatons, the Railcannon throws a deadly beam from the sky.

This will kill a lot of enemies instantly and help you win the battles or take cover on the battlefield.

Penetrates Through Enemy Armors

One amazing thing about the Orbital Railcannon Strike is how useful it is in different situations during battle.

Whether you’re up against lots of enemies or giant Titans, this weapon has strong firepower and the ability to penetrate armour.

It’s good at taking out tough enemies quickly, which is why it’s so important for Helldivers to have it in their arsenal.

Safety Precautions For Orbital Railcannon Strike

Even though the Orbital Railcannon Strike is really strong, it’s not entirely safe to use.

While it can cause a lot of damage, Helldivers must be careful not to get hurt themselves.

When you call the orbital Railconnon strike, it shoots a vertical beam of light from the sky.

if you stand right under its powerful beam, it can damage you as much as it does to the enemies.

Hence, to avoid being the victim, it is important to position yourself in a safe spot and maximize its effectiveness.

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