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“Out Of The Blue” Task To Find Intel In Gray Zone Warfare

Gunny restricts the use of guns.


  • Out of the blue quest in Gray Zone Warfare requires you to get the organizational notes.
  • To get the intel of Tiger Bay enemies you should search the Blue Lagoon area.
  • M700, a bolt-action rifle is among the rewards of the quest which is excellent in long-range combats.

Joining any faction will grant players plenty of opportunities, from getting a higher reputation to completing specific Vendor tasks.

All six vendors will provide quests for players, including Gunny, Lab Rat, Handshake, and Artisan.

Players can get “Out of the blue” quest from Gunny, who assists in running the Private Military Company operations.

Out Of The Blue Gray Zone Warfare

In Out of The Blue Quest, Gunny needs your help tracking down thugs who have taken over the Tourist spot.

Gunny wants to know if the Armed locals are a threat and their motive for occupying the South of Tiger Bay.

The Gun Vendor wants players to find the information by keeping a low profile and without using any arms, unlike Guns and Ammo Quest.

If you are a member of any military group, including the Mithras Security System, you can start the quest eventually.

The main objective of “Out Of The Blue” Quest is extracting the intel from Blue Lagoon.

Reach Blue Lagoon

The straightforward way to pick up the gangster’s intel is by reaching the Blue Lagoon’s map coordinates around (203 117).

Blue lagoon gray zone warfare
Head to Blue Lagoon to search for the intel. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

The area is filled with enemies, so ensure you have heavy loadouts, including guns, armor, and remedies to avoid fatalities.

You can still try to complete the mission solo, but the best alternative is to enter the area with your friend (who should be of the same faction) or other faction members.

Search The Intel

Shortly after defeating the thugs, you should search for a white cottage with a Tin roof and multiple open windows.

Reach the single-storey white house. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You can get the intel (organization notes) right after entering the main door on the top of the table with a Printer.

intel out of the blue gray zone warfare
Collect the intel from the table by using F. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

After getting the intel of Tiger Bay gangsters, you can return to Gunny to claim the following rewards;

  • M700
  • $5500
  • 1000 Experience Points
  • 150 Gunny Reputation

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M700 Weapon In Gray Zone Warfare

Gunny provides weapon rewards for several tasks, including Guns and Ammo, Up To Snuff, and even Out of the Blue.

In this quest, Gunny rewards players with an M700, which is a Bolt Action Rifle for long-range combat.

If you excel in ranged fights, play as a sharpshooter, and, most importantly, play passive, the rifle is definitely for you.

However, you need to enable the single-fire mode to tap heads instead of using it in Auto-mode, with high recoil.

After getting or trading weapon parts from Gunny, you can inspect the weapon and add attachments to upgrade/modify it.

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