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“Paranormal Activity” In Destiny 2 To Generate Orb Of Power

Fire just two, but different bullets.


  • Paranormal Acitivity is a sub-task, where players have to dether darkness and light.
  • Fort the lost City’s Paranormal Activity, players should target the Paracasual Geometry.
  • You can complete Paranormal Activites In other locations including The Transgration, The Blooming, The Impasse and The Lost City.

Like previous expansions, Destiny 2: The Final Shape includes multiple challenges across different locations and even Paranormal Activity.

The Paranormal Activities aren’t as rewarding compared to main quests or sub-missions but still can provide engrams.

You can engage in multiple Paranormal Activities throughout the map, with one in The Lost City Outskirts in The Pale Heart, the DLC’s new location.

Destiny 2 “Paranormal ActivityTo Dether Darkness And Light

The ghost in the Outskirts has reported unusual artifacts in the area, so players must investigate.

You can reach the location by following the waypoint on the map and continue the activity.

Start the Paranormal Activity in The Pale Heart. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

After teleporting to the area, players can commune by entering the nearby blue circle. They should then walk up to the second stairs.

You can get there by passing the two Acolytes and find a way to generate one orb of power.

However, to generate the orb of power, you must tether Darkness and Light; you should use darkness damage for the red cube, whereas light damage for the blue cube.

Shoot The Paracasual Geometries

You can fire at the triangular target (Paracasual Geometry) on your right after you reach the second stairs to Tether Darkness.

Once you complete half the objective, you should search for another Paracasual Geometry around an 80-degree angle behind the gate to Tether Light.

The combination will form the power orb, which can help to complete the Triumph. You can obtain the rewards under the Pale Hearts option in The Triumph.

Players can use a similar process to complete other Paranormal Activity Challenges in the Pale Heart.

The Transgression: After you commune with the light, you should drop down and shoot the objects located in the left and right directions.

The Blooming: From the commune zone, find a way to climb up and head straight towards the left direction. You will have one object just above you and one behind the stone.

The Impasse: Through the commune area, you should see the red object just on the left side and the other one below the surface through the other side of the wall.

Use light damage to destroy the blue cube.

The Lost City: You can find the two objects after reaching the commune on the top of the same building and the left. Head to the Sculpture area to find the objects faster.

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