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Pinata Festival In Squad Busters To Collect More Sticks With Friends

Creating multiple accounts will work as well.


  • In Squad Buster’s Pinata Festival, players can unlock five Boxes via sticks.
  • Collecting 1500 Pinata Sticks by inviting friends or starting matches will unlock all chests.
  • Players can get thousands of coins, reroll tokens, hammers and chest, epic, and fusion keys.

Pinata Festival is one of the latest events launched on May 22 in Supercell’s new game, Squad Busters.

As the MOBA game is yet to be released globally, players with early access or who are part of the release nations can play the game.

However, playing may have to wait till 29 May for the global release and play the Pinata event.

Invite Friends To Unlock Pinata In Squad Busters

Pinata is one of the reward items in Squad Busters, which is collectible when starting arena battles.

Moreover, pinata is unlockable once you collect a specific number of Pinata sticks, but first, you must invite and play with friends.

The more battles you win with your friends, the more Pinata Sticks you can open for higher rewards.

Invite your friends to get more Pinata sticks. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

The rewards list may be misleading for players as it seems they will need 3120 Sticks to unlock all Pinatas; however, this is not the case.

If you collect just 1500 Pinata Sticks, you can unlock all five Pinata Boxes for exclusive rewards.

Collect 1500 Pinata Sticks to unlock five stages of rewards.

Players can share their invite or QR code, Accept the pending request, and invite their friends or even randoms.

pinata festival rewards squad busters.
Reward items for Pinata Festival. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Coins, reroll tokens, keys, and hammers are a few rewards players can get by unlocking the Pinata chest.

Start Battle For More Pinata Sticks

You can even start Battles Solo if you want to collect more Sticls to convert into a Pinata chest by defeating the monsters.

squad busters looking for players
Join the match to collect more Sticks. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Before starting the battle, unlock the best characters, including Witch, Barbarian King, and Dragon Chicken, or Hog Rider if you have enough coins.

Players can also choose the usual one they prefer initially, but they can change characters by opening the chests.

Building cannons to summon the enemies will have a higher drop chance of Pinata Sticks, but prioritize character selection and strategy as well.

Moreover, players can also collect the sticks dropped by enemies and won’t lose Pinatas even if they die.

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