Play Planet Defense Mission In Helldivers 2 To Unlock Extractinating The Countryside Achievement

Add an achievement to your books.

Planet Defense Mission Helldivers 2
Planet Defense Mission can unlock Extractinating the Countryside achievement.


  • Unlock Extractinating the Countryside achievemnet, one of the 38 achievemnets in Planet Defense Mission.
  • Take on Autonatons in the mission on Mantes and Draupnir.
  • Focus on build, strategy, team composition and rescue the science team.

In Helldivers 2, players must go on a planet defense mission to complete Extractinating the Countryside achievement.

The mission seems nearly impossible; players can overcome and complete the challenges.

In addition, this mission has a tight time limit, so players must escort the hostages to safety as fast as possible.

Extractinating The Countryside Achievement In Helldivers 2

In Helldivers 2, there are 38 achievements provided to players upon completion of specific missions.

Players can unlock achievements such as Hell Dive, For the Greater Good, The Power of Democracy, and

After completing the achievements, players can achieve trophies like gold, silver, bronze, and platinum.

One of the achievements from the Bronze category is Extractinating the Countryside.

What Is Planet Defense Mission In Helldivers 2?

The Planet Defense mission is introduced with the Automaton Invasion update.

Furthermore, the Automaton Invasion Update is super tough, leaving players scratching their heads.

In the Automaton Invasion, the enemies target a huge area, leaving players little to no space for safety and quite vulnerable, unlike Termininds.

There are currently defense missions on two planets: Mantes and Draupnir, which are both part of the X-zar sector.

Many players are getting frustrated as they find the planet defense mission to be tough and nearly impossible.

In the planet defense mission, players must rescue the science teams from the automatons and bring them to safety.

Planet defense mission in Helldivers 2
Planet defense mission is about defending the planet from Automaton’s invasion.

Likewise, players must escort the facility staff and hostages safely to the evacuation shuttle.

The planet defense mission is very difficult as the player must face a swarm of automatons to rescue the science team.

Moreover, unlike other achievements, players only have limited time to complete the mission.

Complete Planet Defense Mission In Helldivers 2

The automatons are very robust robots with impressive firepower and long-range shooting abilities.

Hence, players must focus on the following strategies and build to complete the Planet defense mission to add one more achievement to their books.

Selecting The Best Loadout

Opting for the best build is vital during any minor or significant mission in Helldivers 2.

Every player has a separate build and strategy for every weapon, including a primary gun, secondary gun, grenade, Armor, and Stratagem.

Players must use weapons like railgun, SG-225 breaker shotgun, DMR and Laser rifle during the battle with the robots.

The SG-225 breaker shotgun should be one of the best choices for primary weapons in close range, as it can deal over 300 Damage.

For secondary weapons, players should only consider the P-19 Redeemer due to its automatic fire.

Jumping over to grenades, G-12 High Explosive is the ultimate choice considering its high radius and whooping 400 Damage.

For the player’s defense, they can go for any of three armor sets: FS-38 Eradicator, SC-37 Legionnaire and FS-61 Dreadnought.

Lastly, for Stratagems, players can use the Eagle Airstrike or Eagle Cluster Bomb if they are low level; otherwise, Railgun or Orbital Laser is the best choice.

Escort science team to safety in planet defense mission
Players must rescue and escort the science team from automatons and extract in helicopter to complete the planet defense mission.

Players can ake advantage of Orbital Strikes and Eagle Air Strikes by dropping bombs on the automatons.

Make Better Team Composition

Regarding planet defense missions, teamwork is the key to success, which will be beneficial if you have a team of four and divide specific roles amongst each other.

For instance, one team player must have a powerful long-range weapon like a railgun to take out automatons like tanks and Hulks.

Similarly, Orbital lasers can effectively wipe out a group of automatons during a planet defense mission.

Players must also utilize mortars and autocannons for extra firepower and support during the mission.

Use Defensive Positioning Technique

Choosing the right location to defend is paramount during the planet defense mission.

Players must establish a strong defensive position around the helipad to cover maximum sides against enemy attacks.

The best way for defensive positioning is to place mortars, autocannons, and other defenses in smart spots to cover all angles of approach.

Protect And Escort The Science Team

Keeping the facility staff safe is the top priority during the planet’s defense mission against the automatons.

So, players must utilize smoke grenades or machines that make smoke to hide the science team staff from the automatons and escort safety.

The planet defense mission can be completed successfully only after escorting the science team to safety.

Hence, players can divide the work on the battlefield by assigning 2 members to eliminate automatons while escorting the hostages.

Resource Management

Making the best use of what you have is important during the planet defense mission.

Players must use resources efficiently by grabbing ammo from crates and resupplying drops when needed.

In addition, players must keep an eye on cooldowns and use special weapons like anti-tank launchers against the big armored automatons.

Coordinate Attack And Defenses

During the battle with the automatons in the planet defense mission, prioritize your focus on high-value targets such as tanks and Hulks.

This is because Tanks and Hulks are difficult to beat, so the mission can get easier if helldivers can take them out of the way first.

In addition, players must communicate with each other constantly so that the team can coordinate attacks and defenses.

Another important factor in completing the planet defense mission is to think about the sequence of the operation.

For instance, completing the escort mission first will help you in other missions of planet defense that come after it.

Hence, you can get additional resources and momentum after finishing the escorting task of the mission.


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