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Players Suggested To Supply Adequate Amount Of Wheat And Grain When Windmill Is Not Working In Manor Lords

Produce sufficient grain first by threshing.


  • Winmill is flour producing machine which has carrying capacity of 250 and requires four timbers to build.
  • Players must check the factors like weather and grain availability properly in order to keep the windmill running.
  • Other minor adjustment and monitoring is also required for the optimal operation of windmill.

Manor Lords features various seasonal buildings to sustain settlement throughout the year.

A windmill is one of the most important buildings because it converts raw grain into flour.

Thus, a player’s most important task is keeping the windmill running through adjustment and monitoring.

Windmill May Not Work In Manor Lords Due Lack Of Grain Supply And Road Connection Issues Leads

The function of the Windmill is to convert grain into flour; when the Windmill is not working in Manor Lords, it has a negative impact on settlement.

Players won’t be able to produce sufficient flour, which will affect the economic stability of their settlement and Approval rating.

Moreover, less flour will be produced, resulting in less food variety and dissatisfaction among the people in your settlement.

There are a few reasons why Windmill is not Working in Manor Lords:

  • Lack of Grain and Wheat Supply
  • Road Connection
  • Environmental Challenges
  • Weather Conditions
  • Threshing Process
windmill manor lords
Windmills convert grain into flour. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Check Road Connectivity And Observe Weather Conditions If The Windmill Is Not Working In Manor Lords

As the Windmill not working in Manor Lords has many consequences, thus to overcome the effects, you can try the following suggestions:

Ensure Adequate Grain Supply

To prevent any kind of inconvenience, you should continuously supply an adequate amount of wheat.

This means one has to plan for wheat harvests and storage capacity to ensure there is enough wheat at any given time for processing grain.

Thus, if you have enough grain, you can keep the windmill running as long as the stock lasts.

Check Road Connectivity

Your windmill should be connected through a road to your settlement to allow workers or resources to pass freely.

Thus, when the road is blocked or incomplete, the windmill will not work.

Players should keep looking out for road-related issues and always keep the roads free of obstructions.

road connectivity manor lords
Your windmill should be connected through a road to your settlement. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Observe Weather Conditions

Windmills rely on wind energy. Therefore, when there is no wind, there is no operation.

Moreover, keep yourself updated on weather patterns and arrange your grain processing activities around them.

Likely, this will allow players to ensure that the windmill runs when conditions favor it.

Remove Obstructions

After constructing your windmill, trees may start growing, or new buildings may be built around it.

Thus, both of them may obstruct the windmill’s performance; clear the land around the windmill for its efficiency.

However, players have to decide whether to keep the additional buildings around the windmill wisely so that they don’t hamper the windmill.

remove obstructions for windmill
Clear the land around the windmill for its efficiency. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Manage Workforce

Families should be assigned to the Windmill Machine to work effectively.

When there is a backlog of grain, perhaps it is time to assign more families to satisfy the processing demand.

That way, you get a constant product in flour when you assign and rotate the task for families.

Reassign Workers

If you have tried all the above suggestions and the windmill is still not working, temporarily disable the building; it resets the function.

Moreover, reassigning the workers is the last idea. However, if it still doesn’t work, start rebuilding the windmill from scratch.

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