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Projector To Project Echoes In Wuthering Waves

Fulfill Grandpa's wish.


  • Using Projector to Project an Echo is an objective of “Silver-Haired Echo Trainer-1” quest in Wuthering Waves.
  • Players can display any captured echo to Jingzhu with help of Chixia.
  • Medium Resonance Potion and Advanced Sealed Tube are few rewards for completing the quest.

Wuthering Waves offers multiple utilities to assist players’ progression through exploration or even side quests.

The Projector is one of the utilities players can use to display the absorbed echoes.

Levitator, Grapple, Camera and Sensor are a few utility players can use in the action-RPG game.

Use Projector To Display Captured Echo In Wuthering Waves

The Projector is helpful in one of Wuthering Waves’ sidequests: Silver-Haired Echo Trainer-1’s objective.

In the quest, players have to help Grandpa Jingzhu display the captured Echo with Chixia.

silver-haired echo trainer 1
Help Grandpa capture the Echo. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Players should travel with Chixia to locate the Havoc Warriors by traveling to Resonance Nexus and following the icon.

Further players should defeat the three Havoc Warriors, who are level 25, and make their way to Tacet Field to complete the challenge and meet with Grandpa and Chixia again.

Capture Any Echo

Players can collect the echoes by defeating the Tacet Discords, but echoes, too, have rarity classes: Elite, Calamity, and Overload via Reverbations.

However, in this quest, the standard Echo works, but you need to make the echoes into a two-piece set and travel to Jinzhou to meet Jingzhu.

You and Grandpa should again head to Linghan to display any captured Echoes.

You can use the projector by pressing the Utilities Wheel at the top of the screen and the Tab key.

Open the Utilities Wheel. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

After displaying the echoes using the Projector button, players should inquire with Linehan and Grandpa, respectively, to collect the following rewards;

  • Union Exp x150
  • Medium Resonance Potion x3
  • Advanced Sealed Tube x3
  • Shell Credit x12000

Completing the side quest will gradually unlock other missions, including Tacet Hunter Discord, The Eternal Concert, The Past Is The Future tri-quest, and Wait For Godo.

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