Riddle Of Rumination In Dragon’s Dogma 2: Most Trickiest Sphinx Challenge

Sphinx's one of the most challenging Riddles.

Riddle of Rumination Featured Image
Riddle of Rumination being the most trickiest quests amongst all Riddles can be solved easily if you have a sharp memory.


  • Riddle of Rumination requires to go to the location where you found your first Seeker’s Token.
  • Finder’s Token can be found in the location where you found your Seeker’s Token, which you must give back to Sphinx.
  • You will receieve three Ferrystone upon completion of the Riddle.

Riddle of Rumination in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a bit of a tricky riddle with players having to remember their first token amongst 220.

You have to remember where you found the first seeker token and return to the same location.

Moreover, this riddle has been labeled as one of the trickiest and most unnecessary riddles by the fans.

Riddle Of Rumination: How Is It The Most Tricky Objective In Dragon’s Dogma 2?

Riddle of Rumination is a riddle you can activate by meeting Sphinx in the Mountain Shrine.

Moreover, this riddle falls under ‘A Game Of Wits’, an optional quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Hearing Riddle of Rumination.
Riddle of Rumination can be activated by visiting Sphinx. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

To solve the Riddle of Rumination, you must retrieve the Finder’s Token, the first token you found, which will be in the same place.

Then, your task is simply to return to the Sphinx and present her with the updated token.

Similar to The Ring, you have seven in-game days to complete this quest, so watch out for dozing off too many times after hearing this riddle the first time.

Unlocking The Mind’s Maze: Completing The Riddle Of Rumination

To complete the Riddle of Rumination, simply follow the guide below:

If you have already found the Seeker’s Token:

With over 220 Tokens in-game you surely don’t remember where and when you found your first-ever Seeker’s Token.

You might find the Token North from Martyrs’ Resting Place, Melve, the exact location in the image below.

Head on over to the top of the cliff to find the Token. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Moreover, on top of the cliff, you will find a bird’s nest where you will also find the Finder’s Token.

After you have acquired the token, go back to Mountain Shrine to meet Sphinx.

If you can’t find the token there, chances are, it is around the Vernworth, Melve, and Northeastern Vermund regions.

If you haven’t already found a Seeker’s Token:

You can find a Seeker’s Token inside the Worldsend Cavern, a location between the two nations of Vermund and Battahl.

Go to the Vocation Guild in Checkpoint Rest Town and buy a ferry stone for one Seeker’s Token.

Moreover, return to the Worldsend Cavern to find the Finder’s Token.

It surely is a bit of a trick used on this one, but Riddle of Rumination is the most tricky quest out there.

Upon failure to complete the quest:

You can fail 1 riddle, there will be not many consequences except for the rewards that you could have received upon completion.

However, Sphinx will fly to the next location where you can do the other riddles.

If you don’t find your Token in any location above:

If you don’t find the Token in any location mentioned above, try going to the location marked in the image below.

Your Finder’s Token is bound to be in one of these 10 locations.

Rewards Of Riddle Of Rumination And What After?

Upon completion of the Riddle of Rumination, you will receive 3 Ferrystone.

Ferrystone is an implement type of item in Dragon’s Dogma 2, which can instantly spirit the user back to the location of a set Portcrystal.

Moreover, you can consume a Ferrystone to teleport to a Portcrystal in a main town or that you have placed around the game’s world.

After, the completion of the Riddle, Sphinx will fly out to Frontier Shrine southwest of Checkpoint Rest Town where you will have to complete the next five riddles.


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