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Rise Of The Ronin Max Level: Level Up Fast by Completing Quests and Fugitives

Reaching the Max level in Rise Of The Ronin does not necessarily reflect that you have completed all main and secondary quests.


  • Rise of the Ronin offers Multi-layer system to level up, which includes Basic XP and Karma Points.
  • Includes Bond Mission and Grass Root Mission to Level up faster.
  • Fugitives and Formidable Foes to get high karma Points.

Rise of the Ronin is an action RPG by Sony that is only available on Play Station 5.

The RPG even features realistic elements, so roll up your sleeves to start Japan’s wartorn journey and reach the highest level possible.

However, you must first enhance the character, survive the rich maps, complete the hard-fought combats, and progress the storyline.

Reaching Max Level In Rise Of The Ronin

Unlike other RPG games, Rise of the Ronin focuses on the multi-progression system to collect the experience points.

The multi-ladder system offers two types of XP for the players: one to increase the base level and another for Karma Points.

Unlike the usual experience points, Karma Points are harder to achieve, considering you must kill enemies.

Furthermore, you may also lose a few Karma Points if you die in the battle, but there’s a quick trick to reclaim them.

Defeat the enemy to earn the Karma Points. Source: Screen Plays Mag

For that, you must deploy a critical or defeat the enemies, or else you must sacrifice all of the Karma Points.

Moreover, Skill Points also play a huge part in reaching the max level, however, to get rare higher skill points, players must also level up.

Unfortunately, Team Ninja hasn’t officially confirmed the maximum possible level for the characters.

Nontheless, the max level of Rise Of The Ronin should be around 100.

Besides, focusing on level progression can also increase the maximum health level.

You need an Unarmed counterspark, Less KI consumption, and finally, Auto Life Recovery.

You can increase the max health level to 18. But be sure to combine all the skills and stats, and level up faster by following the steps;

Storyline Progression In Rise Of The Ronin

The story progression is the fast and straightforward way to achieve experience and karma points.

Focusing solely on the main quests, such as The Veiled Edge Village and Infiltrating The Black Ship, will grant players a lot of XP and even Karma Points.

To reach the main quets, players should initially start Public Order Events, reach out to designated areas and defeat the enemies.

Doing so will restore all the harmful areas to normal ones.

Secondary Quests

Bond and Grass Root missions in Rise Of The Ronin appear as secondary quests.

Interacting with new characters and developing a relationship with them will
grant players hundreds of XP.

However, players should establish a bond, assist them in completing the tasks, or even defeat enemies for the Special Characters.

Bond mission rise of the ronin
Start bond missions by initially interacting with special characters. Source: Screen Plays Mag

Assisting the NPC will unlock new sub-quests, helping players earn lots of XP and reach the Max level.

Players can engage in 58 Bond missions throughout the playtime and even earn the Friendly Neighborhood Ronin trophy.

On the other hand, completing the Grass root mission will not improve your relationship with the NPC.

Nonetheless, these secondary quests are great for leveling up and earning a few items, including weapons, sulfur, and herbs.

A few Grass Root Mission in the action RPG include Your Reward is in the cave and Horse Rescue.

Fugitives And Formidable Foes

Fugitives and Formidable Foes are among the toughest enemies in the game; defeating them will grant more karma points than usual.

If you are a starter, you can find numerous Fugitives in Yokohama and Edo, the two initial open worlds.

Defeat Fugitive, Tatsuzo the Slaver in Yamate. Source: Screen Plays Mag

While you progress through, you can find in the toughest enemy other open words such as Honmoku, Senzoku, Yamate and Shibuya.

Skill Point

Skill points don’t necessarily impact XP progress, unlike the Quest, but they are still vital to reaching the max level.

Completing the quests or leveling up will grant players rare skill points.

These skill points can be handy when unlocking any traits like Dexterity, Strength, Charm, and intelligence.

skill tree point rise of the ronin
Balance all four skill trees by using skill points or rare skill points. Source: Screen Plays Mag

Moreover, the skills will enhance the player’s ability to interact with bonds, defeat enemies, and climb the levels.

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