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Destiny 2 Pantheon Week 3 Challenge To Spawn Boss And Coordinate Dunks

Don't fail to dunk in sync.


  • Lord Shaxx offers “Divine Weaponary 2” in the Hall Of Champions, where players must complete the Pantheon run.
  • For Destiny 2 Pantheon Week 3, obtain the Leeching buff and spread among teammates by shooting objects that spawn above the boss.
  • Players should transform Leeching buff into the Emanating Buff and dunk it at the correct totems.

Destiny 2 enters its Week 3 of the Pantheon, where guardians face off against the indomitable Rhulk and many formidable raid bosses. 

Players must visit the Hall Of Champions to get the challenge and talk to Lord Shaxx.

Further, players must obtain buffs, defeat mini-bosses, and coordinate with their team to dunk on the correct totems.

Pantheon Week 3 Raid In Destiny 2

Lord Shaxx in the Hall Of Champions will provide you new quest, Divine Weaponary 2. However, players must complete the Pantheon run to obtain an exotic weapon as a reward.

The new modifiers for this week are AR Surge, Stasis Surge, and Class Warfare.

If players use class abilities, it increases the fire team’s damage output and reduces incoming damage while active.

Divine Weaponry 2
Lord Shaxx will offer Divine Weaponry 2 quests. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

For Titans, players should combine Thunder Crash with Cuirass of the Falling Star to maximize damage.

To maximize DPS, players should use weapons that get a 25% damage boost, such as the Hot Head rocket launcher and Cold Comfort rocket launcher.

Complete The Pantheon Week 3 Challenge: Rhulk Encounter In Destiny 2

Initiate the game by running forward to spawn the boss and start the encounter; an object will float above him.

As a result, stand on the glowing middle platform and shoot the floating object above the boss to get the Leeching buff.

Spread The Buff

The player with the Leeching Buff temporarily needs to leave the platform and then return to it, causing two new objects to spawn above the boss.

The player with the Leeching Buff and another teammate without any buffs must shoot these new objects.

leeching buff
Shoot the floating object above the boss to get the Leeching buff. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

As a result, both players will now have the Leeching Buff, and the original player will lose it; repeat the process to spread the buff to additional teammates.

Remember, the player who initially acquired the Leeching Buff should be one of the teammates who receives the buff during this second distribution.

Dunking Process

Players acquiring the Leeching Buff must position themselves to be hit by the boss’s laser beam attack.

When struck by the laser, the Leeching Buff transforms into the Emanating Buff.

So, carefully navigate towards the Darkness force field to prevent moving too far forward in the encounter area or pushing back.

However, players will find totems with various symbols beyond the Darkness force field. The players with the Emanating Buff have to find the totems with the correct symbols.

emanating buff
The Leeching Buff transforms into the Emanating Buff. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Once at the correct totems, players with the Emanating Buff need to dunk by interacting with the totem to deposit the Emanating Buff.

Players should repeat the process of spreading the Leeching Buff, gaining the Emanating Buff, and dunking on the correct totems multiple times throughout the encounter.

Matching Symbols

During the encounter, players will face mini-bosses, two Glyph Keepers, one on the left and one on the right side of the encounter area.

Upon defeating a Glyph Keeper, a set of symbols will appear, floating in the air; communicate about the symbols you see with the team members.  

Further, you should identify matching symbols from both buffed and non-buffed players’ perspectives and locate totems with the matching symbols within the encounter area.

destiny 2 pantheon week 3
Players will face mini-bosses, two Glyph Keepers. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Players with the Emanating Buff dunk it at the corresponding totems with the matching symbol.

Significantly, players need to continue defeating Glyph Keepers, matching symbols, and dunking buffs for progression.

Coordinating Dunks

The players with the Emanating Buff must approach their respective totems at the same time.

Players will count down ( “3, 2, 1, Dunk!”) to ensure they perform the dunk action simultaneously.

During the countdown’s final call, each player interacts with their totem to deposit the Emanating Buff for a total of three times throughout the encounter.

totems Destiny 2
Approach the respective totems at the same time. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Each repeat requires getting new Emanating Buffs and finding the right totems again.

If a team fails to dunk in sync, it must be able to adapt quickly and prepare for another try with the rhythm and timing.

The encounter progresses and leads to the next stage or task completion when players successfully coordinate three dunks.

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