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“Save The Rebellion” Quest In Gray Zone Warfare To Deliver Artisan’s Flash Drive

Fighting is not the solution to every problem after all.


  • Save The Rebellion quest is provided by Artisan to deliver the message to Rebels in Gray Zone Warfare.
  • Players should head to Command Tent and deliver Flash Drive in Guard Room of Lima 2.
  • Artisan doen’t provide cash as rewards but supplies players with AKMN, an AR weapon.

Artisan is one of the six Vendors in Gray Zone Warfare who assigns the “Save The Rebellion” task.

The mechanic wants players not to seek any revenge with the Rebels in The Hole, which will strengthen them rather than make them suffer.

Even though Artisan is not fully satisfied with the Rebel’s work, the Vendor still believes they deserve a chance for what they have done for Lamang.

Save The Rebellion Gray Zone Warfare

Artisan reminds players revenge is not always the solution, considering Rebels of the Hole have been fighting with the Government and other organizations for years.

The Lamang expert still knows the principal difference between the players and the Rebels; she still seeks a peaceful solution.

Artisan asks players to place the Flash Drive in the guard house, which they can get from the Command Tent in the Base Camp.

Obtain The Flash Drive

To Collect the Flash Drive containing Artisan’s recording, you need to head to The Hole near the YBL1 Storage Room.

Reach the YBL1 Storage room area. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

After heading to the area right between Lima 1 and 2 on map coordinates (143 123), you should search for a Green Tent.

Right after entering the Tent, you will find the Flash Drive on the table with the Computer, Astray, and Newspaper.

flash time save the rebellion
Collect the flash drive from the Base Camp. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Players should have enough inventory space in the Backpack and should not lose the item at any cost.

Deliver The Flash Drive

After getting the Flash Drive from Base Camp, players should travel to Lima 2 to deliver it.

The area contains few guards, but killing them is unnecessary, so you can simply fulfill your objective and return.

Just across the main entrance, on the side of the bunker, you will see a Guard Room with a few items, including a Notepad, Telephone, and Computers.

Players can place the Flash Drive on top of the Notepad to complete the quest and get rewards.

flash drive save the rebellion gray zone warfare
Deliver the Flash Drive containing Artisan’s message. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

The mechanics Vendor will provide the best rewards as she promised for completing the task;

  • AKMN
  • 1000 Experience Points
  • 150 Artisan Reputation

AKMN is one of the decent weapons in Gray Zone Warfare which can be used at both close and long ranges.

Unlike other AKs, players can use a scope in AKMN, which includes dovetail optics and dovetail for rail mount.

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