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Find Secret Passageway Connecting The Bunker To Military Base For Shortcut Task In Gray Zone Warfare

Just don't' forget your utilities before entering the bunker.


  • For Shortcut task, players can choose the easiest way, the drop down entrance.
  • Just touching the rubble on the floor in the Bunker will complete Shortcut quest.
  • For the Living in Burrows quest, players need to check the panels.

In Gray Zone Warfare, for the Shortcut task, players need to get some intel from the Bunker where the rebels are holed up.

However, there’s a secret passageway somewhere in the compound connecting the Bunker to the military base.

As a result, players need to find that way, as it may lead the task provider to Fort Narith.

Complete Shortcut Task In Gray Zone Warfare

Players must travel to the YB-1, the storage entrance, to initiate the Shortcut task in Gray Zone Warfare.

YBL-1 Shortcut Task In Gray Zone Warfare
Head to YBL-1 location on the map. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Players should navigate to the drop-down entrance, which is the easiest way to go over the storage entrance.

drop down entrance
Navigate to the drop-down entrance, which is the easiest way. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

If you’re in the bunker, go to the buttommost floor on the eastern side of the bunker.

Further, go left and down the stairs, enter inside the door, you’ll see the rubble on the floor, touch it; this completes the task.

rubble gray zone warfare
Touch the rubble on the floor. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

The rewards for completing the Shortcut task in Gray Zone Warfare are as follows:

  • Recon
  • $7000
  • 1000 Experience Points
  • 150 Reputation

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Complete Living In Burrows In Gray Zone Warfare

To begin the Living in Burrow quest, one needs to enter the YBL main entrance from Lemma 2 and descend down the stairs.

lima 2 gray zone warfare
Enter the YBL Entrance from LIMA 2. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Significantly, the quest requires the YBL Gen key for checking the generator.

The first door on the right leads to the YBL Gen room, where one needs to be cautious of AI in the room; check the panel in this room.

YBL Gen room
Go inside the door. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

After exiting the room, take a right turn, followed by the first right and a left turn to reach the other panel.

Check the Panel. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Once you finish checking both the panels, the objective is completed, and the quest is done. The rewards for completing the Living in Burrows task are as follows:

  • M870
  • SST SLUG 12
  • $7000
  • 1000 Experience Points
  • 150 Reputation

Complete The Brave Task In Gray Zone Warfare

Lab Rat offers the The Brave task, in which players need to find Auliii Syvongsa, who lives near the northern resort.

Unfortunately, he can’t work because of the injuries he got from his “anti-patriachial behaviour” in the Gray Zone Warfare.

Significantly, he disappeared a day before the start of the evacuation; his family is struggling.

Last time, somebody saw him heading for the Hunter’s Paradise shooting range west of the resort.

Thus, to complete the quest “The Brave,” go to the shooting range in Hunter’s Paradise at coordinates (159 168).

shooting range gray zone warfare.
Players need to find the body at the shooting range. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Players must Find the body and walk up to it to complete the quest. The quest requires finding proof and taking the leather.

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