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Demonstrate Your Shooting Skills For On The Range Quest In Gray Zone Warfare

Prove you're a sharpshooter.


  • Mithras Security System is one of the Faction with the quests; On The Range, Little Bird Down, Leave No Man Behind and more.
  • In the quest, On The Range players need to show their shooting skill at the shooting range.
  • In the third and final part of the On The Range quest, players must dump ground.

Mithras Security Systems is among the factions in Gray Division Warfare, with a serious and tactical approach to private military operations.

The faction involves in various activities, ranging from investigation missions to tactical operations.

Similarly, On The Range is one of the quest belonging to Mithras, where player need to focus on combat and strategic capabilities.

Complete The On The Range Quest In Gray Zone Warfare

On The Range is a part of the quest, Negotiator that falls into the Faction, Mithras Security Sytems in Gray Zone Warfare.

You will begin the quest at the Shooting range, where you need to show your shooting skill.

You’ll find the firing lanes at the left of a location known as LZ Fox Trot one. This part of the quest will test your shooting skills under certain conditions or within a time limit.

on the range gray zone warfare
The firing lanes are at the left of the LZ Fox Trot one. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Moreover, the second stage directs players to a motel with the co-ordinates 16167 and you must negotiate or make decisions that impact the outcome of the quest.

However, the third and final part of the quest involves a map and dumping ground having the co-ordinates of (159, 167).

The faction, Mithras Security Sytems in Gray Zone Warfare include more quests, they are: Secret Compassion, First Recon, Little Bird Down, Restoring Order and Leave No Man Behind.

Little Bird Down Quest In Gray Zone Warfare

The quest starts from below Bravo 3 Landing Zone, you’ll see the Heli over there.

The player must find out what happened to the rest of the crew by inspecting nearby structures.

Little Bird Down
Heli for the Little Bird Down quest. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

There are two structures in proximity, but the player only needs to go to one.

You need to be cautious cause there may be AI (artificial intelligence) enemies around.

Contrarily, the player must stand next to a specific dead body in order to activate the quest.

Restoring Order Quest In Gray Zone Warfare

To complete the Restoring Order quest in Gray Zone Warfare, players need to kill 15 enemies in a nearby town. They can do it solo or with a group.

The best way to complete the task is to go to the main points of interest where there are a lot of enemies.

They can navigate towards the gas station, water tower, lumber yard, warehouse, or the middle of town.

Once the player completes the task, player can collect their rewards from their base camp by shaking hands.

main points gray zone warfare
Players can navigate to the places having lots of enemies. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Leave No Man Behind Quest In Gray Zone Warfare

To complete the “Leave No Man Behind” quest in the Gray Zone Warfare, players need to find the location of the dead body.

Significantly, the body is located near the town hall for the Crimson Shield.

Thus, players may start from the front of the town hall and follow the pathway to the back until they reach a metal shack or garage with green and blue awnings.

dead body gray zone warfare
You can find the dead body near the town hall for the Crimson Shield. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Players can find the dead body the right of this structure. Further, they can press the F button to drop the tracker from the body before leaving the location.

Contrarily, the closest extract points for completing the quest are Charlie 1 and Charlie 3.

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