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Use Skimmer Or Sparrow To Complete Destiny 2 Trick Shot Bounty By Lord Shaxx

Fly me to the moon.


  • Trick Shot is daily bounty where players need to perform tricks using either Skimmer or Sparrow in Destiny 2.
  • If trick is not registering try refilling the boost in the quest.
  • Rewards for the Bounty is Lord Shaxx Reputaion Points and few hundred XP.

Players can acquire Trick Shot bounty, along with several other Daily Bounties, from Lord Shaxx in the Hall of Champions.

Lord Shaxx, primarily found in the Tower near the Vanguard, will be in the Hall of Champions, a social space that he overlooks.

Moreover, by completing these bounties players gain a reputation bar and gain access to more gears.

Optimizing Destiny 2 Trick Shot Bounty Performance By Choosing Between Sparrow And Skimmer

Players need to perform tricks on their Sparrow or Skimmer to receive the rewards of the quest.

Players receive XP and Lord Shaxx Reputation of 25 positive points upon completion of this task.

Destiny 2 Trick Shot Bounty
Go to Quest and locate the Trick Shot from the list of tasks. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Players need to do three to four tricks by emoting while still in the air on the vehicle, in a couple of minutes or even less.

The skimmer is a hoverboard that lets guardians grind, fly, and pull off different tricks.

Whereas, the sparrow is a single-occupant vehicle that lets guardians fast travel across long distances within the playable zone.

However, we suggest that you use the Skimmer as it is the better one amongst the two vehicles.

Master The Art Of Destiny 2 Trick Shots Bounty To Complete Lord Shaxx’s Daily Quests

To complete the Trick Shot daily bounty given out by Lord Shaxx follow the guide below:

Players must travel to the new addition, New Light: The Cosmodrome, for the amount of hills and downed airships. Why? We will let you know.

Hills and downed airships enable either your Skimmer or Sparrow to gain momentum and spend as much time in the air as possible.

Moreover, Cosmodrome is an ideal location as this quest requires a decent amount of air-time to be performed correctly.

Once you have picked the spot, an uphill or high ground, you will need to jump into the air and emote to perform a trick mid-air.

You can perform any trick once airborne using your Skimmer or Sparrow. (Screen Plays Mag)

Perform Trick Shot On Xbox Series Or PlayStation 4 And 5

When you have airborne, press any button on your D-pad to perform a trick.

However, if you are on PC, you can use the arrow keys to perform trick shots once you’re airborne.

However, the trick will not count toward the Bounty progress bar if you receive any damage or bump into any objects.

If you do manage to avoid that, a brief beep sound will play afterward which will confirm the success of your landing and validate your trick.

Furthermore, Cosmodrome along with the Moon offers ramps and overall elevation you can exploit to perform the airborne trick.

Destiny 2 Trick Shot Bounty Not Registering Issue

Sometimes, players can face a confusing bug where the trick shot does not register even after doing it right.

Trick Shot bounty is a simple task but Destiny 2 is itself a very vast game with complex mechanisms.

Remember that the trick shot bounty quest only counts as a trick if it is refilling boost used.

Moreover, players can also spam strafe to deplete the reserves before doing a trick.

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