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“Slayer” Cyst Mission In Destiny 2: The Final Shape To Beat Giant Hive

An unstoppable flow of foes.


  • The Slayer cyst mission in Destiny 2: The Final Shape initiates at the Seclusion, the Pale Heart.
  • Defeating the enormous Hive (Balakh, The Unseeing) in the Cave will mark the completion of the quest.
  • Players can obtain the encryption bit from the watery area’s tree located on the right side.

Slayer is one of the cyst missions in Destiny 2: The Final Shape, in “Alone in the Dark.” quest line.

The cyst’s missions are basically mini-challenges around the Pale Heart, the expansion’s new location.

If you scan the map thoroughly, you will see plenty of other cyst quests, including Searing Light, Sword Dance, and Aerial Ace.

Beat Balakh In Destiny 2 “Slayer” Cyst Mission

The cyst mission starts at The Seclusion in Pale Heart, where players must stop a fierce enemy and end its ritual.

To start the mission, players should head to The Blooming and move towards the southeast direction.

slayer cyst mission
Head to the landing zone to initiate the quest. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Once you reach the mission location, follow the bird, like any other cyst mission, until you reach the Diamond marker.

Solve The Puzzle

You will come across a puzzle area, which can be unlocked by shooting targets on the wall.

slayer cyst
Unlock the restricted area. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Right after entering the portal, you shall hear a dialogue, which suggests the start of the battle.

Beat The Enemies

You will encounter tons of enemies in the hidden area, including Lightbearer Knight, Acolytes, Blistered Knight, and Balakh, The Unseeing.

Balakh, The Unseeing, is the most formidable enemy in the quest, so try to wrap up other enemies first and attack the giant.

Once you beat the Lightbearer Acolytes, be sure to grab the Solar Energy from the tiny space on the left.

solar energy destiny 2 the final shape slayer cyst mission
Obtain the solar energy. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You can also kill enemies and use Tangle to obtain Void and Arc, marginally increasing the damage rate against the giant.

However, other group of enemies will spawn no matter how many of them you beat; so prioritize target selection.

Once you manage to defeat Balakh, other enemies will vanish as well, so you can simply end the quest by Healing the Wounded Ghost.

Obtain The Encryption Bit

During the quest, keep an eye on the encryption bit; you can follow the same area where you first encountered The Giant creature.

slayer cyst the final shape
Start the search for the encryption bit from the puzzle entrance.

After taking a few steps, you should enter the watery area on the right side, just behind a huge stone.

Behind the first tree’s left side, you will find the Encryption bit, which is essential for the Khvostov weapon.

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